Why am I suspended?!

It’s better than being suspended because you play an off meta heroe.

No it’s the hole game crashing

You in the USA? I only ask because my Aussie friends sometimes have issues on the server they connect to, and my friends in Indonesia have issues with their HotS server sometimes

I got banned 2 months for playing widow in silver elo. Asked blizzard to remove it and they said its my fault. Sure its my fault almost every match ended with 20 + critical hits 45 %- 50 accuracy. Sure i am not pro widow but for silver my widow is more than enough. People just reported me becouse its Widow someone need to be a black sheep…

I was just tapping my phone and it pulled up the flag screen, I don’t ’ Know of I flagged you or not,sorry

Remember to post in the technical support forum if you need help with troubleshooting your game crashes. Since you did not specify the details of your crash but did list your graphics card, I am willing to guess you are dealing with Rendering Device Lost issues, in which you might want to take at look at this possible workaround solution:

If that is not applicable to your case, please list more details of your crash and move this topic to Technical Discussion (as the original poster click the pencil icon next to the title and change the category).

Unfortunately all disconnections and game crashes counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately. The game server has no way to discern a legitimate disconnection or game crash from one that is forcefully caused by a dishonest player to bypass leaver penalties. You can learn about this policy here:

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If you get DC or Crash don’t bother rejoining the game again even if you are stompting/winning because still you gonna lose -50 sr.

Players should make every effort to return to the match. If a player can return within two minutes of leaving (and the match has been playing for at least one minute) you will not be penalized.

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Thats probably why you are silver.

Which means absolutely nothing in a silver elo. People are dumb and walk into things aand your own teammates are just as bad.

If you were truly that good, you could easily carry yourself out of silver.

Obviously not since you are still in silver.

Probably because in spite of your stated statistics (which I am not convinced are accurate), the games were still lost.

If you did absolutely nothing wrong you would not be banned, and if you were, blizzard can easily check and revert it.

On another account of mine, I decided to test this and played battle mercy only.

After like 20 games, I was suspended and I appealed to Blizzard, telling them that I’m just playing Mercy the way I enjoy, and its a playstyle they encouraged in their video concerning Mercy’s rework saying the infinite ammo in valkyrie was to appeal to the battle mercy’s.

Guess what? In less than 24 hours, they reverted the suspension, because it was false.

The suspension probably should not have happened in the first place, but more often than not if enough people report you in a certain amount of time, 95% of the time you deserve the punishment that results from it.

And when it is wrongful, it will get overturned, thats what the appeal process is for.

If they told you it was your fault, then it is.

Player disconnects and never comes back? = Penalty
Player disconnects and comes back asap = No penalty

if this is truth then two minutes is nothing it should be at least 5 minutes.

Five minutes being absent is extremely detrimental to the outcome of the match. The longer you are gone the more likely your team will be unable to win. Furthremore, after 2 minutes, teammates are given the option to forfeit and leave the match without penalty (but will still take the appropriate SR reduction for a loss).

I don’t believe this is accurate anymore. It definitely used to be the case where they gave you two minutes, but i believe its instant now. You should still try to rejoin, it just won’t help your SR any.

While this is something I don’t go testing very frequently, the last time I had an applicable situation to this (which was last season), I did not get penalized when I successfully returned within two minutes.

The Competitive Leaver penalty rules works as following:

  • If a player leaves during the pre-game setup or the first minute of a match (from the time when the attacking spawn doors open on the first round), the match will automatically cancel. There will be a warning message displayed with a ten-second countdown. The purpose of this countdown is to warning all remaining players the match is canceling so that they do not freak out when they are returned to the game lobby. Even if the player who left returns within the ten second countdown, the match will cancel. The player who caused the game to cancel by leaving is automatically penalized.
  • If a player leaves after one-minute, they have either up to two minutes or until the match ends normally to return without penalty. If they leave and return within two minutes they will NOT be penalized and allowed to complete the match. (Please note the SR of the player who left the match will show their SR lowered by 50 but will reverse back to normal if they complete the match). If the player fails to return within two-minutes or when the match ends (whichever comes first), they will be penalized regardless if they return or of the match outcome.
  • If a player leaves and is gone for more than two minutes, all remaining teammates at that point have the option to forfeit and leave the match on their own without suspension. They will however receive a loss including the appropriate SR reduction for the match result (any performance based SR modifiers* are discarded when calculating the SR adjustment).

*Performance based modifiers are only applicable for Platinum and lower ranks.

First of all i am high platinum player and thats why i dropped to lower elo decide to learn Widowmaker. The problem is the game dont allow you even to practice and learn something in comp people just report your specially heroes like Widowmaker Symmetra and Torb. Why should i get ban becouse of playing hero bad even if i am not that bad widow???

OW matches are between 15-20 minutes (sometimes up to 30-40) No match takes less than 8-10 minutes. A player doesn’t need exact 5 minutes but there are many cases (probably more than 60-70% ) that you need 3 or 4 because usually when a internet connection goes down it takes around 1-2 minutes to come back. Then you have to add the time that it takes the user to check things up and open the game (not everyone has a SSD) then to connect to battle.net/match.

Your system doesn’t give a human-reasonable time to fix their issue and also you punish the players who wants to forfeit because even if the matchs ends up 6vs3 (because those players stayed at end ) they still get punished and loss points for something they have no control.

In resume

If you DC/Crash and you didn’t fix your stuff in less than 2 minutes = punished = angry players

if you leave the game because the leaver didn’t come back = punished

if you stay at the end of the match even if your entire team leaved and the screens looks 6vs1 = punished .

Your whole system encourages peoples to be toxic and angry even if they try do don’t.

Also you never do anything when the server crash and everyone loss Rank or SR.

And that is a reportable offense to intentionally drop. So even then, you deserve the suspension to begin with.

Sure you can, just not when you intentionally throw to do this. If you do your best and people think you are throwing, you will not be penalized. If you get wrongfully suspended, you can appeal and it will get overturned.

Because, you were a bad widow, and even so you just admitted to throwing to get into lower SR games.

This is a “you” problem.

I dropped lower becouse i was not platinum level Widow simple. Most of times anyway i had in game 3-4 dps in teams. This is just stupid to ban people just for playing widowmaker. I gave my best and at the end got 2 months ban.

I think you need to understand that if your issues are so severe that it requires time to restore your connection, you need to stop playing Competitive after the first malfunction and take time to test and resolve the issue before risking Competitive again. Technical malfunctions are penalized to get players to STOP playing the game mode.

The system does not compensate remaining players for when there is a leaver. Principal Designer Scott Mercer elaborates on this:

Source: Overwatch Forums

Server crashes themselves are extremely rare and in most cases the match simply restarts. Players often confuse server problems with issues that could be affecting connections to the servers such as a DDoS attack on Blizzard’s network providers. These type of issues affect multiple players, but they are not the servers that are malfunctioning. If the problem is going on for a long time and is a worldwide problem they may disable Competitive from even being played (this happens extremely rarely), however in most cases such issues are outside of Blizzard’s control immediately and it is impossible to reverse any penalties or SR loss. Support Agent Drakuloth explains more:

One in 10-15 matches is actually very consistent. If your PC and internet are working as expected, it would be shocking if this occurred even once every 100-150 matches. I can’t even remember the last time my game crashed.