Why am I having more fun with Quake 3 Arena in 2023?

I’ve been spending a lot of hours playing Quake 3 Arena, a game that has been around for nearly a quarter of a century.

Simple rules, well thought out level design, quick and easy fun even against superior players, aesthetically pleasing, no ideological proselytizing.

OW is trying too hard. The designers could learn a lot from that old game.


If you were having as much fun with Quake as you claim then Overwatch wouldn’t be living rent free in your head.


being old doesn’t mean it’s not just as good

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At this point anything is more fun than torturing yourself in OW.


I mean, sure, if you want to play deathmatch then you’re not going to do much better than Q3A. Despite what some people might claim, however, standard OW isn’t DM so it’s a bit of an apples-to-oranges comparison and I don’t know why you’re bring this up -

- oh, never mind, I think I know what this is really about. :roll_eyes:


it is kind cool that you can still play these old games in 2023 on private servers and such. along with high definition texture packs. i played unreal tournament 99 a couple of years ago with a hd texture pack. nostalgia but yea only for a bit. just like when halo infinite came out i went back to try to relive the old days. its fun for a while.

still do what you enjoy. here is quake 3 along with unreal tournament 99 with high definition packs


You could play Capture the flag if you want objectives. Sure OW has more objective modes, but the FPS game play just doesn’t hit the same level of fun. It’s more like work, and the culture of gaming seems to reflects that.

It’s part of the problem. The designers spend more time worrying about “representation” and getting out a political message then just making a fun game for players.

In Q3A you can use a variety of skins, including edgy super soldiers, skateboarders, sexy ladies, robots, skeletons, even an eyeball, all without having to self identify as any of them. Players wanted to just pick something cool looking and that was good enough because we weren’t so self absorbed.

Clearly a superior paradigm if you ask me. :man_shrugging:

You don’t even need private server.
Quake live is still a thing and even went from f2p to b2p some years ago.


Quake Elite Arena mod compilation was just released with a ton of modern Mods, including ray traced lighting:

I actually set up my own private server a few weeks ago, which was a fun activity on it’s own. Getting to tweak the server rules for what I liked in the game and sharing it with other people was a really fun experience.

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in OW, there are:

  • edgy super soldiers (one of them is literally called soldier 76)
  • rollerskaters
  • sexy ladies
  • robot monks (and terrorists)
  • talking animals
  • amazonian warlords
  • mech-piloting esports champions

the game also never asks you to identify (?) with any of the heroes, so i’m not sure where you’re going with this, but you don’t have to dunk on OW to lift Q3A up. it’s a classic, it deserves better than that, and we all know what’s wrong with OW2 isn’t the art direction.


Because at this point random matchmaking is fundamentally less problematic than what OW2 has. Especially right now at the night of a saturday it is unplayably horrible. As a high MMR player the teams the game is proposing to me have console and gold players in it. Most of them stacked. While the opponents are Masters and above. It is using high MMR’d players as bridging players between these teams to initiate the matches, regardless of the fact that all those games are completely unplayable garbage right from the getgo. You would have more fun playing any other game than OW2 in it’s current baseline state

Do they? Because I see a whole lot of complaining about them not doing enough for pride.

I couldn’t care less if they maintain pride or not. If players enjoy it, good for them. If players don’t enjoy it, or even hate it, that’s their business and neither of those things really affects me.

I focus on having fun in the game and whatever you’re talking about really isn’t doing anything to change the feel of the game play itself.

Anyway, have fun with Q3A. It’s a great game. But it’s not going to give me the fun factor of a hero shooter like OW will.

The more time moves forward, the more I find that going backwards is not only entirely viable, but preferable. Modern metal (mostly) sucks, but fortunately you can just go and listen to the stuff you have overlooked. Same with literally anything. Not just gaming. But especially gaming.


Quake was fun until I found Halo.

Like what was considered mid in 90s 00s would be considered like epic now.

People’s decisions back then wasn’t driven by data and analysis.

Even the bad stuff will have so much heart in it.


Because people like what they like. If the gaming industry has taught us anything over the past decade, it’s that the year a game releases has no bearing on how good or replayable it’ll be.

Alongside OW, I’m still playing old titles like Fire Emblem PoR, Rollercoaster tycoon… shoot sometimes I’ll even fire up the SNES mini and play some of those classics.

Great games… just like great movies, or music, or any great art in general… tend to stand the test of time and great art from the past doesn’t automatically mean all art released today is bad by default, right?

It’s hot garbage with bad game design from people who have NO idea.

Aww did the rainbows hurt your feefees



Not at all.

Though it is kind of annoying that I can’t buy a rainbow cake without everyone thinking that its some kind of coming out party.

It will be nice when rainbows and pride aren’t the fad anymore and we can get back to just enjoying life.


Because you haven’t played it in a while and are enjoying it as a, basically, new player in his honeymoon period. Give it a few days or weeks, depending on how much you play a day, until either frustration or boredom kicks in.

There’s a reason more people call Overwatch dead in the forums than actually play Quake 3 Arena.