Why am I having more fun with Quake 3 Arena in 2023?

It is also less frustrating since you arent locked in your tools, everyone has the same mobility and it comes down to skill/map control.

OW is somewhat dependant on your team and have limited tools. Also balance.

But sadly, Arena shooter fell out for a reason. The entry level got too high and it is much easier to pick up other games to mess around than getting stomped by a skilled players multiple times.

Runecrafting on Runescape better than this game since ow"2" and that’s saying something

Probably because you’ve burned yourself out and even just playing something different brings you some form of relief

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If arena shooters are your thing, then quake is still one of the best versions of it.

Problem with Q3 (i was like “semi-pro” player back in the days) and why arena shooters are basicly dead is that you can’t win if your skill is lower than your opponent. You need to spend countless hours practicing and losing a lot of the games. With modern snowflakes who need instant gratification this model of gameplay is not working. Thats why there is noskill heroes like Moira/Mercy/etc - for mass appeal :slight_smile:

between quake and unreal i was always more in the unreal franchise. for some reason i never got into the quake series, probably because xbox live came around the early 2000s and after that i was playing the first versions of rainbow six, ghost recon, splinter cell, wolfenstein and other games i cant think of (halo duh). didnt have time for arena shooters much lol

I mean Quake 3 is the best competitive online FPS arena game invented, that might be the reason. Honestly it would be weird if you had more fun with OW2 lol.

PS: Quake Champions is also great too. Minus the monetization :rofl:

Dude, unreal tournament was arguably the best online multiplayer FPS of that time.

Compared to Overwatch, it dominates.

I got good news and I got bad news for ya.

Well, mostly bad news. We still had NKotB back then, and so much awful watered down rock. God I couldn’t stand it. I was so glad that decade was over. Back then I used to think the 60’s were the real height of a lot of cultural movements. But you know, they had Donny Osmond and a bunch of rip off rock bands back then, too.

Things suck no matter the decade.

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I tried Quake Champions but they tried to hard with the heroes. It lacks the simplicity that makes Q3A fun. I even tried just playing Holy Trinity for a while but it lacks the variability of maps with variable weapon drops and powerups. its not a bad game (it has some great graphics) but I’d rather just play Q3A.

I actually like that there’s absolutely zero match making. You play and get better and learn how to compete.

Well I have to ask -why do you care what someone else thinks? I sure don’t.
If you want a rainbow cake, buy one. Most of the real world does not care one way or the other to be honest.

what about acutally torturing myself?

At the time I did play more UT than Q3A (sniper rifle 4tw) but across all metrics, Q3A is the superior experience.


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There were always filthy casuals and hardcore players even before video games were a thing. What changed isn’t the players but the games industry. Today’s AAA video game developers are targeting larger casual audiences to increase the money making potential.

Casuals are looking for pure entertainment without a painful learning curve instead of serious competition that involves a lot of “work”. This has some serious implications:

  • As you said: low skill players have to be able to win against high skill players (no-skill heroes, gambling elements in some battle royale variants, matchmaking algorithms, etc…).
  • Casuals prefer variety (moar content on a frequent basis) over minimalist perfection in design and balance - those two things aren’t compatible.