Why am I being suspended when your servers cant hold a connection?

As title says.
I am now upto a 2hr suspension because my game keeps crashing/disconnecting, others seem to be reporting the same, was it the intention of blizzard to gouge for the price of the game and then forget about support? Pretty poor form.

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Oh man, this still is happening? Luckily it hasn’t happened to me as much lately. I do however play a lot less now because of this and the Brigette patch performance issues that exist out of nowhere.

Hello. I have been on the receiving end of this issue multiple times ever since purchasing Overwatch. I find that it occurs every few months or so, and then somehow fades away only to return later on without any warning.

I have been cut off from competitive matches repeatedly as a result of this, and the latest crash some 20 minutes ago caused me to lose 40 SR and be temporarily banned from competitive play. I am hugely dissatisfied with this happening and I think (as I have ever since this happened to me and to others) that it is unacceptable to slap such a heavy penalty when my equipment is not at fault at all.

Had I known that I would be disconnecting during the game I would have stayed far away from competitive. However, I played at least 2 competitive games without any issues before I started to get dropped. I had no reason to suspect anything.

Please fix your game.

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Unfortunately all disconnections and game crashes counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately. The game server has no way to discern a legitimate disconnection or game crash from one that is forcefully caused by a dishonest player to bypass leaver penalties. You can learn about this policy here:

Remember if you see the message, “Lost Connection to the Server” in the title screen or the message “Failed to Connect to Server” in red text in the text chat box, this means there is something that disrupted your connection to the game server and not a problem with the game server itself. There can be a variety of reasons this happens including those that don’t disconnect your computer from the Internet. There is great troubleshooting to start with that can most likely resolve most issues and I encourage you to check them out here:

As always if nothing in that guide works, please reply saying you completed these steps and additional advice can be provided. Good luck!


I’m well aware of what the policy is. I don’t, however, believe for half a second that it has anything to do with my Internet connection or is a problem on my end. I could easily browse the Web and do any number of other things after the repeated crashes.

To top it off, implying that it’s a problem on my end completely discounts the fact that I’ve been on the receiving end of these issues ever since I first bought the game. Sure, they come and go every few months or so, but I note that I’m not the only one having this problem. Many Malaysians have complained about it (just doing a quick Google search and clicking on the very first link gives you a forum thread from last December with 7 pages of complaints about this).

Throughout the past 2 years that I’ve owned OW, my internet connection for the most part has been stable, and when it isn’t, I don’t play competitive. These random disconnects from the server, however, come without any warning, as yesterday’s episode was proof of.

If such a large number of people are facing the same issues and the only thing we have in common is that most of us (but not all since the problem seems worldwide) live in the same region, surely this is indicative of a problem on Blizzard’s end?

And yes, I’m bitter about the lost SR. It was 8 hours before the end of the season and I lost 40 SR over something I had no control over. It effectively sealed any chance I ever had of climbing into the next tier.

That there isn’t an appeals process is unfathomable to me. It’s all well and good to say that over the course of your next few games you will even out the loss and gain back whatever you made, were it not for the fact that Blizzard also made the competitive season shorter too.

I won’t make this a thread about my larger gripes with the game, but I am not pleased at all about the repeated disconnects. I’ll end it here.

No it is not. If there was a server issue, several posts would pour in within a matter of seconds on these forums, not to mention a flood to Tweets to @BlizzardCS. Usually those are pretty evident. Realistically the internet is not perfect but it takes troubleshooting to figure out your specific problems. Now if you have checked your equipment, the next step is to investiagate your specific connection route to the game servers. Tests like a WinMTR does this.

Must be why this game has become a lot less popular lately, lost connection on the first minute of retribution. Been having this problem for 2 years. I don’t have this problem on other games and I have a 100mbps/10mbps connection.

Am tyring to work my way from the 9 penalties, managed to get it down to 7 then i got dc again, now back to 9 penalties. F**YOU. AM UPSET.

I think you’re confusing a server outage which would impact everybody playing on it to what I’m currently talking about. The fact that there are people on this thread reporting the same problem (and I presume that we are not in the same region or using the same internet service providers) clearly means something is off, whether it’s to do with the game client or otherwise.

I’m at a loss as to why this occurs. I play Starcraft II with no issues and can say the same for many other games; why does it only happen with Overwatch?

My experiences clearly tell me that it is the game’s problem but if necessary then I am willing to go through the trouble of troubleshooting it. Please let me know what is necessary to test my connection to the servers and where to post it, and I will do so.

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This is ridiculous.

I have gotten disconnected at crucial times in the game. Often at game changing times or right at before the end losing points.

It disconnects then won’t log me back in. Nothing is wrong with my connection or ISP.

Even though they are the same developer StarCraft II servers and Overwatch servers are different servers with different IP addresses. Furthermore, they each use different routing protocols that Blizzard sets up with Internet backbone hubs. This is why WinMTR tests can prove if it is you, the game server, or more likely somewhere inbetween. Getting WinMTR tests helps Blizzard collect information from players and there are trending issues, they can contact the appropriate people to fix any persistent issues.

Damn man that sucks I got a leaver plenty for the game kicking me from 3 games in a row (with 3000+ ping), of course nothing was reserved which sucked LOL.

Alright then, how do I go about testing this then? And where do I post the results?

Please try to run a WinMTR test, here are the instructions.

WinMTR instructions:

  1. Download WinMTR from http://winmtr.net/download-winmtr/ (Console players need a Windows Desktop Computer connected to the same network as their console to do this.)
  2. Unzip the WinMTR.zip file to the Desktop.
  3. Open the WinMTR folder and select the 32 or 64 bit version. Choose whichever one corresponds to your version of Windows.
  4. Run the WinMTR.exe
  5. Type the IP address you want to trace in the “Host” field. To get the correct IP you will actually need to open up the game and go Practice Vs AI or Quick Play and if you are on PC hit Ctrl+Shift+N and it will bring up the ingame network diagnostic graph, or go to Video > Options > Display Network Performance Graph if you are on any platform including Console. In the top left corner is the IP address you want to run WinMTR to.
    Network Graph
    note When looking at the IP it will show up ingame as something like You will want to leave the last 5 digits and the colon at the end off and the IP you want to use is just the
  6. Once you notice the connection issue while playing, play for about 6 more minutes, minimize the game and click on “Stop”.
  7. Click on “Copy text to clipboard”, then return to this forum thread.
  8. Type two sets of four squiggly lines and then paste the contents of the WinMTR test between: ~~~~ Paste WinMTR Test Results Here ~~~~

If in the event you can’t even connect to Overwatch and get into any game mode at all, please use one of the following IP addresses based on your geographical region:

  • US West -
  • US Central -
  • Brazil -
  • Europe -
  • Europe -
  • Korea -
  • Taiwan -

Thank you. I should note however that I played for quite a few hours yesterday and the same issue did not appear. Should I still be running the test regardless?

If it helps Torzz try playing without the kill feed turned on, I saw on another thread that it’s the kill feed that is bugged right now.

I tested it myself in quick play for 6 games and didn’t have any mayor issues with the game, it run smoothly (about 99% of the time).

Maybe, but the idea with the WinMTR test is to do it when symptoms are present. If you run it now and have no problems, save the results for reference to what you should expect when the connection is working. Then if you have problems you have numbers you can compare too.

Otherwise I suggest play several non-critical games before playing Comp to ensure problems are gone.