Why all the complaints about "BarrierWatch" NOW?

Okay, they did add another Barrier to the game in the form of Sigma, but with 2-2-2 it’s basically impossible to have more than 4 barriers (one of which is an Ult and another of which is a tiny 200HP thing) in a team at any given time (plus Ice Wall, though I’d debate if that counts as a barrier.)

Hell, Sigma didn’t even add anything new because people could’ve/can still do Rein+Orisa


But Orisa’s barrier isn’t 1500 and can’t be placed anywhere at will?

If anything Sigma just exacerbated an already existing annoyance.


I haven’t seen that many complaints to be honest.

I for one think it’s great that we have another anchor tank.

healercreepwatch creates powercreepwatch creates barrierwatch.

lets face it all the dps need 50 extra hp, a self heal and moar damage. if everyone is op no one is op

Sigma barrier has a much lower uptime as you have to recharge it.

Orisa has a far more powerful barrier in every defensive situation and even in some offensive one to. Sigma barrier is slow, clunky and kinda weak. It’s versatile for sure but it isn’t better than Orisa or Reinheart.

Also Orisa can cycle barrier to have an effective 1800hp worth of shields with maybe even more if the enemy can’t break the shield before the cooldown is back.


Imagine answering your own question in the very first line of your post.

  • Now with the forced 2-2-2 you can expect every team to have 1-2 barriers most of the time while this wasn’t always the case beforehand.
  • Forced 2-2-2 also means you can only have 2 heroes with very high damage output, meaning that it will take longer on average to break shields than before, especially in a less coordinated environment (i.e. 99% of the playerbase).

It’s not really about the total number of shields in the game, but the prevalence of shields in an individual match. 2-2-2 enforces the latter by both increasing the chances that shield tanks are being picked and reducing the frequency at which shields are being broken.

So I think it’s fair to say we’re going to get the worst iteration of barrierwatch yet.

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i just go junkrat every time i see an orisa.

i can just easily delete her barrier. even if she puts it up again

Maybe switch off genji and widow to a barrier breaker character.

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I feel like I’m nagging, but it’s time to let Sym have her old shield piercing orbs back. Would make a great counter to barrier stacking.

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Because they didn’t just add another barrier, they also limited your team to only 2 dps to deal with the barriers. It’s like a double barrier buff.

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I personally just didn’t think the previous state was as big of a problem as people claim. This community blows things so far out of proportion its practically a forbes article. if the game was 2-2-2 from the beginning im sure at this exact mark we’d have the opposite going on where we’d like to be unlocked. Theres no winning so how about letting the throwers and trolls get queued into matches with each other and changing the SR system to not be so binary. Matches ive played with killing so many enemies and being on point maybe even healing a bit cuz i healed on round one and it was the only reason we got to round 5 in this match cuz they couldnt outdo my transcendence and we lose because it was genuinely a close match. shoot lost 28 sr even though i played out of my mind. I wouldnt be against 2-2-2 if we got sr for geniunely playing our roles well. climbing like this would allow players who are consistently doing well to start seeing how higher sr matches are played and be able to get better faster. Splitting the roles into 3 different sr pools doesnt mean anything if winning and losing still dictate where you lie in competitive.

Shields still have no valuable hard counters but at least can’t be stacked that much anymore. However there is not much point of playing offtank if you can just play 2 shields and annoy the hell out of everyone.

Because they are using to playing QP 3+ DPS with maybe one barrier on the other side.

Now? 2 Barriers, and only 2 DPS, and they don’t know how to deal with it. Because they have never seen it before.


well besides like widow and maybe a like hanzo in certian places

Could you please list the effective barrier breakers that, in role queue, you would choose over other DPS? I love Junkrat but he’s lower on the tier of effective DPS and medium on barrier breakers. He was placed even, pre-patch, lower than spits on the ground Hanzo for effective barrier breakers and that was sad.

So, i’m curious as to the hierarchy of effective BBs and DPS.

DPS players want to click heads and need barriers out of the way for W+m1 to give them their win condition.

Why Hanzo has barrier breaking capability is beyond me.

I highly doubt this. Do you know why Roadhog - Orisa are main picks as tanks right now? Because they do a ton of damage on the enemy barriers. Why do people pick Hanzo? Again insane barrier damage. People can double barrier all they want. They just get destroyed fast.

Theres also only 1 person holding a barrier (Not counting the 200hp barrier from Brig) So it’s easy to just walk to the side and nuke the enemy in the head from there.

Sigma is cool and all but it doesn’t turn this game into Barrierwatch tbh

Hmmm, i’d go junk, bastion, hanzo, mcree, torb or sym. Not sure about a hierarchy, i mostly play supports and tanks.

And yeah, agree about hanzo