Why all the complaints about "BarrierWatch" NOW?

Because people like to complain about something, and like sheeps, others just follow the herd.

honestly yes, and let her still have that beam charge up on barriers.
it would be so nice to have on sym now :slight_smile:

Whatever gives the Snipers troubles, I don’t mind.

I’m seriously tempted to post my rework suggestion for her, even though I know the devs won’t read it and people will have an allergic reaction to the word.

to be fair they’ve probably had it with all these changes :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll just call it a “buff Sym thread” instead. :laughing:

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Barriers can be frustrating if your team can’t take care of them(which isn’t hard now after Orisa nerf) but at the same time, they are the only things keeping Widow/Hanzo from absolutely dominating. So I’m all for them

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1500hp on the Sigma barrier is just way too strong right now. I can unload my Hog clips with any other sustain DPS and it’s still up but woop then it’s down and you’re feeding the Sigma shields while he just waits a bit and does it again. It’s like a hypermobile DPS version of Orisa

I think with Sigma they really want you to move through it or move position. Since it isn’t curved its easier, and since his health isnt high, he is a good target to dive when done right.

You are being too nice with that 200 HP thing…
And yeah, the other one is an ult that can by nullified with another ult that also nullify enemies in range (EMP). So, it’s meh.

The magic words are “it depends”.
Sometimes is like an useless Orisa barrier (when you use it wrongly), sometimes is way better than a barrier (when you wall off the enemy Rein).
And sometimes it just works as a barrier (against Doom and Dva ults).