Why 50% boosted junkrat can't one shot?

So Junkrat direct hit nerfed to 130 to avoid one shooting people while McCree and Ashe are allowed to one shot with 50% damage boost when it is easier to land a hitscan shots and can’t be dodged, why junkrat can’t?


I think that is because on lower ranks, something like that can be op.


Because their shots are considerably harder to land than grenade spam.


Please stop saying this. Junkrats DO aim. I’m so sick of this bloody misconception.


You are missing the point. Even if the Junkrat doesn’t land a direct hit, the grenades still linger on the floor and can cause damage later on. That’s what they’re trying to avoid.


It is still easier to aim in a general direction than it is to track a headshot. I agree that Junk players have to aim, but it is a different sort of aim. One where I can accidentally walk into where they aimed. I prefer they shoot directly at me if it is going to be a one-shot.


Which makes us wonder why DEVs dont do the Hanzo rework. Faster frags with smaller hitbox… They must think he shouldnt aim anything further than 10m

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Well first of all McCree does 140, so with the boost is a bit less than 200, so not a oneshot.
Second Ashe and McCree shots are pinpoint. Which means yes, if you can aim, its easier to hit them but they dont hit “by mere luck” like Junkrat can sometimes.

If you can aim and you are on proper distance, you can grenade + mine and you dont even need damage boost, thats a one shot combo.

You cant just start shooting corners “randomly” with Mcree/Ashe and get a “lucky” headshot while boosted to get random/lucky eliminations.

No one is saying that Junkrat doesn’t require aim or skill, but denying that due to his “spammy” nature and bouncing grenades you NEVER get a lucky elimination/hit is quite dishonest. (hence the reason why they dont want him to one shot).


Consider it coupled with the recent dmg boost changes where a projectile is dmg boosted when it is fired. That effectively makes damage boosting a spamming junkrat pretty opressing. Especially in lowered ranks, where people don’t tend to dodge projectiles. Also, mcree and Ashe need to land headshots, meaning they need to hit a smaller portion of the total hitbox.

At least they’re looking at Junkrat and even Reaper buffs.

He just needs something…

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I beg to differ. Most of my headshots on tracer are from her accidentally blinking into my shot. When I wasn’t even aiming at her.

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Okay, but a Tracer blinking straight at you is a bit different than a Junk controlling an area. Lul.

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Oh yeah that happens, but its more on the Tracer getting punished for a mistake rather than McCree play style being spamming shots to a choke :smiley:

If Ashe can one shot shooting a 200hp hero in the foot while damage boosted, then sure, Junkrat can have his 140 damage.

Or give Junkrat even smaller projectiles, and let them be able to headshot. Fair is fair.

I’ll support a Junk damage boost if the grenades explode on impact instead of bouncing around.

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What surprises me is he said Baptiste ult is 50% boost. Isn’t it 100?

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Because instant death rolling around on the floor was kind of obnoxious on PTR

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Because he spams…? We don’t want someone mindlessly spamming and 1 shotting people.


I mean, it’s pretty obvious… Mccree and Ashe are hitscan and require line of sight to their targets. They also have to be within range so that their bullets don’t have falloff, AND require headshots. Junkrat fires projectiles which you can just send down range over a choke without even peeking it. If you’re getting boosted, just one hitting would kill.

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If you’re just aiming in peoples’ general direction with Junkrat, you’re gonna have a bad time. People who play Junkrat somewhat reliably learn how to actually aim those lobbed grenades; it’s not just mindless spam 24/7 you know. It’s a lobbed projectile just like Ana’s nades, would you say she doesn’t learn to aim those too??