Who's ready for radio silence from devs again?

There’s clearly no reason to have such anticipation. Literally zero evidence to suggest they’re going to go silent.

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They’ve done it in the past many, many times. Now, I think they’re trying to genuinely improve on this front.

I’m not sure if they were all for the best, but Symmetra wasn’t at all. Symmetra was just a sad rework because they didn’t know how to construct a support non healer hero properly.

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Congratulations, you’ve discovered the patented Blizzard Formula.

Doesn’t change the fact that there is literally zero evidence to suggest it is going to happen again. Threads like these are completely unnecessary and only end up as a breeding pool for more negativity in an already pretty negative environment.

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That’s why i said, they’re currently trying their best to not let it happen again.

I personally think the new Sym is better. I don’t think old Sym would even have a place in the game in it’s current state.

At this point I’m used to it sadly. They’ve done it so often its almost expected :confused:

Depends on how you’re looking at it. The only thing that truly benefits new Sym is solely the teleport. Old Symmetra has no problem in this era.

I didn’t know they used radios to communicate. Very interesting. What frequency do they use?

I’m pretty sure and I could definitely be wrong, that her teleport and Shield Generator would be the only reason that she would be viable in the game’s current state. Her biggest downfalls would be her lack of range, mobility and weak turrets. (back when it was 1hp per turret.)

Current Sym still has an extremely valuable ult as well as all her downfalls more or less gone (not entirely though but better than it was.)

They have listened to feedback with experimental. Some changes haven’t went through on there, and am not just talking about 321. The Brigitte change is an example.

They aren’t being transparent or responsive but they have showed signs of listening a bit more.

Just the teleporter solely. Shield generator not so much because we already got heroes that could boost our hp.

Her biggest problem is lack of hp and mobility. However since auto lock served a purpose like pierce orb. They don’t need to buff Symmetra much besides reducing the turrets cool down.

Current Symmetra still applies to old Symmetra. Lack of hp and mobility though teleporter still has some advances, but not in the healthy way. She’s just limited to turret bomb. Throwing her turret is nice, but only 3 compared to 6 is a big let down.

You can tell the developers don’t want her to succeed in the limelight or look decent in general.

Must be a big corner!

Where was this comment?

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Sorry not sorry, but i’d not want to come to the forums either if I we’re dev cause people just whine and reeeeee about everything here. Most of the people here dont even realize that pandemic is still going on even.

Even if they did communicate with us, lets say, tomorrow, biased forum plebs will always ruin it. They have more important things to do than babysit the forums.

You making this thread just proves my point & threads like these are just stupid at this point.

tell me, how insecure are you ?

we got several dev updates in very few mounths, Jeff and other devs on the forum when every patch went live, which is every 2-3 weeks, and since January and a “public” conversation between Jeff and content creators only few weeks ago.

And now, we’ve got the anniversary event with many balance changes 4 days ago and some other features are planned to arrive soon (Open queue competitive and hero pool for Master/GM/top500), and you are ALREADY crybabying because the devs could disapear ?

Come on, why are talking like your whole family abandonned you when you were a kid ?

Zen discord through barriers and Moira Fade while stunned were both definitely things that got responses from the devs when they announced them, and they also never made it to live.

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what controversy? that people have bad taste?