PS4 Abysmal Queue Times

Very noticeable improvement, thank you! The queue times feel normal again.

I did at least get to try a bunch of new (to me) workshop modes over the weekend during my 12-14 minute support queues! :joy:

Thanks a lot for the adjustments. Our queue times last night were great. They were back to being less than 2 minutes for tank and support in mid gold on the PS4 in the United States.

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It’s ironic how quickly this low-effort, one sentence thread gets an official response and a fix, while when I made a detailed thread outlining even worse wait times on Switch that persisted for months, we:

  • don’t get a reply
  • it takes weeks before anything is done, and no changes are mentioned in patch notes
  • Blizzard keeps making strange back-end changes that fix the issue, break it again, fix it, then break it again, leaving us with a completely unstable competitive mode experience

The 10 minute wait times PS4 players are complaining about here are basically the standard wait times on Switch in my region during the rare times you can actually find matches in competitive mode. Usually wait times are longer. At least, that’s how things are now after Blizzard reverted whatever change they made in March 2020 that made it easy to find competitive matches at almost any time of day or night.

When you do find a match, the matchmaking is usually pretty bad and it’s rare you’re teamed with, or up against, people near your skill level, Overwatch player level, or rank.

Not to say this isn’t a genuine issue for PS4 players, and it isn’t my intention to hijack the thread, but I wanted to point out that the level of support and response from Blizzard doesn’t seem equitable (it’s not just this thread… I have other examples of other issues getting prompt, official responses and fixes from Blizzard). We paid for the game just as PS4 players did.

Hello, after the most update, it seems as though the bug has returned. We were getting 12 minute queues for double tank and one dps and 6 minutes for 3 players queuing as tank AND support.


Can confirm. 10 minute queue times for both Tank and Support solo queue at the same time.

EDIT: This is high plat, low diamond. ETAs are 2-7 minutes and it’s 8:30pm EDT.


I wonder of the fix accidentally got reverted. I haven’t had a chance to check myself on PS4 today.

Edit: yes the queue times are definitely broken again for tank and support on PS4.


Thanks for fixing this so quickly last time, unfortunately deployment of yesterday’s patch has reverted whatever changes you made last week. 6 stack queue times pre patch were 2-3 minutes, post patch they’re 9-15

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Bug is definitely back. Please fix again


This bug is back, please fix!

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Recently, after the Echo patch, a developer determined there was a bug that lengthened queue times on the Ps4 version of Overwatch. It was fixed; however, with the Anniversary update, that bug was reintroduced causing abnormally long queue times for tank and support players, and grouping with a tank or support does not resolve the issue. Can you please look into this?


Confirmed, back just as bad as it was last time for me. Really stinks


Agreed. Same problem again smh. Blizz, fix this again please!

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Hello all, sorry for the hassle once again. We applied a change that we think will help to get back to the situation we were in when Bill last updated this thread. Let us know if things are getting better now. Cheers!


Yes, things are becoming a lot better for me!! thank you

Yup, all sorted now. Thank you!

The queue times are a lot better now. They are back to what I was used to. Thank you very much.

Can we go back to the longer queue times? I keep getting matched with people who are way lower rank than me- these matches are terrible.

I don’t know if the two or correlated or not, but it seems like over the past few days I’ve been in matches where I’m the only person on my team at my rank and everyone else is several hundred SR lower. Whereas before I was in matches with people with roughly equivalent rank; these matches are much better and I would much prefer to wait for a good match than to be placed more quickly in a bad match.

Even if the matchmaking system was not changed on a global level, it would be awesome to be able to set a preference for longer queues but more even matchmaking over shorter queues with uneven matchmaking.


Why is it that PS4 players get a response when they post about something like this, but Switch players get no response when posting about similar issues?

E.g. I’ve made two separate threads about similar issues on Switch–one in the bug report forum, and one in tech support. One had siginificant detail, outlining the scope of the issue–much more detail than the entirety of this PS4 thread.

We got no response, nothing mentioned in patch notes, despite multiple other players reporting the same issue (it’s not just me… though those players don’t post here because they can’t figure out how to post in the Blizzard forums due to the hoops you have to jump through before you can post replies or make threads in forum categories other than bug reports).

Such behaviour is inequitable, and while you may not like me calling it out here, Switch players are paying customers, too, just like on any other platform, and I’m advocating for them in lieu of a reasonable response from Blizzard. Please don’t make me out as some bad guy for doing that–I’m actually a good guy, representing a larger (less vocal) group.

Some acknowledgement to let us know you’re aware of the issue and a request for feedback would go a long way.

For context, as detailed in the threads I linked to, many Switch players routinely wait as long or longer than what people mentioned in this PS4 thread. When we do get games quickly, the matchmaking is really bad (indicating to me there needs to be more balance between “time taken to find a game” and “find players of similar rank”).

There was once a time when this wasn’t the case and competitive mode was great, and I’ve been asking for changes to restore our experience of competitive mode to that “last known good version” ever since. That’s what bothers me the most–I know how good it can be, so it not being good and no response from Blizzard about why it isn’t is pretty frustrating and puzzling.

Please be advised that this is not a feedback forum. The original technical issue has been resolved. To provide further feedback, please go to #general-discussion.