Who to endorse ? Show them POTG (suggestion)

Unless something really went out of the ordinary (like our mccree nooning 5 members of the enemy team) I usually don’t really know who to endorse because I tend to focus on my own gameplay and mistakes. (I tend to definitely know who NOT to endorse however)

What if you displayed the individual POTG of each teammates when I hover above their portrait in the endorsement menu, so I can see what each one did in the game ?

That would help immensely knowing who to endorse and give more value to endorsements in general.

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You really wanna watch 11 potgs? Endorsements arent that important…i dont think many would use the potg feature.

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not eleven, only a few to help me decide.

I don’t watch play of the game for the person the system decided earned it I sure as hell would not watch it for everyone else, just don’t endorse anyone problem solved

Let the player select to watch a other player’s highlights. It doesn’t need to be mandatory.

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I think you already know what the personal POTG is going to look like for most of your team:

  • Mercy hovering in Valkyrie
  • Brigitte holding her primary fire for a while
  • Zenyatta sitting in a Graviton Surge experiencing mad tranquility while you all die anyway, and then he dies
  • Zarya watching some dragons fly through the Graviton Surge
  • Hanzo making some dragons fly through the Graviton Surge
  • Reinhardt waving his hammer at the dragons in the Graviton Surge

I’m a Zen main and even though I trans and save lives in many occasions, my POTG are rarely those, but mostly kills or a mix of those & kills.

True, but if the game showed you your most technically POTG-ish play every time you don’t get POTG, I’d bet most of them are just some ult healing.

Some are (even though saving lives and changing the tide of a battle as Zen warrants an endorsement) but when I get POTG, which happens believe it or not, I usually get some kills in or kills only.

POTG has nothing to do with real impact on the game…
you can make 0 kills but if you distract half of the enemy team you will be the most useful player on your team.

You can make 5 kills in a row and do nothing the rest of the game.

I made this handy guide for you!

I understand focusing on your own gameplay, but you also need to pay attention to the team’s play. That will greatly improve your game sense and help you make better decisions. Some cues that people deserve endorsements are people saving you by healing you (watch your health bar), tanks shielding you or regularly providing you with a shield to stay behind, or dps helping you take down an enemy that is about to kill you. Past that, healers should get 1,000 healing per minute (generally), tanks should be creating space making it easier to take down the enemy and push forward, dps should get 20-30 kills minimum