Who is your favorite forum main?

Bastion mains are the best.

I have only met ONE that has been a jerk. And I’ve met my fair share of Bastion mains.

They get way too much hate. They’re the hufflepuffs of our community

He also acts like the average forum user deserves help regardless of how stupid or belligerent they’re being. I dunno how healthy that is, but it’s truly great for the game and community as a whole.

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idk any Tracer mains here

The first one to reply to me I guess

There’s a few different RobotWizard.

I find one of them very nice.


Drowscakab, idk what he plays, maybe flex, but still super kind and chill; somehow not arrogant at all despite being t500

Hiddenvoice for widowmaker, because no matter how much they hate a hero, they still manage to do :eyes::lips::eyes: emoji.

Pharah/hana is also a nice dva main

Electro71, is a really really nice bastion main

Naniowo for genji, never attacks anyone is is also really nice.

Ryans a really nice mercy main, although like me has his moments where he’s had enough of people on this forum lol

Mozts, I think a rein main, is really nice and although has bias against certain heroes like mei, is still willing to help them.

Mooshpaw, the most amusing sombra main going. Best emojis

there’s more of course, but that’s all i could think of off the top of my head


You’re definitely not wrong.

But on the same token this individual always defends a lot of Blizzard’s “mistakes” (I hesitate to call some of their issues simple mistakes since sometimes they’re knowingly making things worse). Always explains away any problems as essentially “not Blizzard’s fault”.

I understand why he might need to do this with his position, but I personally think that truly quality people are willing and able to criticize when appropriate. Look, here he is making a BS excuse in a simply thread asking for a flag to be added to the game and citing “legal” reasons that it’s not in the game (FYI, that’s complete BS - adding an flag as an icon is not illegal). It just kind of reeks of dishonesty.

I like most mains in forums but special credit from me goes to Mei, Brigitte and (current) Mercy mains. They seem the friendliest now.

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Reaper mains cause they receive the same treatment as Moiras lol so there is like connection and we can relate lol, quite ironic too

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And I get what you’re saying, we shouldn’t take everything at face value.

However, someone like Wymong is nothing but nice and helpful. They aren’t just a face, they back it up with actions.

Just because you may not agree 1 to 1 with what they say doesn’t mean they aren’t a nice or likeable person by default.


I don’t know any Echo mains :(((

I’ve tried to help people that are interested in Echo though

no idea if there’s an Ana main here that i like

and other Pharah mains are just a myth


You know that feeling… when “Pharah” on the forums is a D.Va main?


Blizzard and more importantly the overhead Activision Blizzard conglomerate has done some questionable things. For example, I myself was not very keen on the mass layoff of 2019 in which over 80 low-critical positions from Blizzard (and over 120 from other ATVI companies) have been liquidated right after saying 2018 was ATVI’s most profitable year ever.

However, I really work to approach news and events extremely objectively and present any information from Blizzard exactly as is. I leave all of you to form your own opinions.

In any case, yeah I am a hardcore Blizzard fanboy here. If there was anything so bad that caused me to stop playing Overwatch, I would just leave quietly.


I honestly rarely ever see much about Pharah tbh

Papa Jeff Mains. The are the true :goat:’s

For the first time, I’m not gonna say myself.
My honor of choice goes to HiddenVoice, a good person with good intentions and a strong heart, and ChibiFox, responsible for some chill threads extending thousands of posts in total. Exceptional posters :slight_smile:


My favorite forum main is…
What do all of the people main…?
Well, since I’m oblivious, I’m going to say Mooshpaw and Ha- Pharah, and probably Chibifox and Electro. And HiddenVoice.
But, WHO ARE THE MERCY MAINS I must know now.


You’re my favorite of the Moira mains, so I’m glad you stopped by and commented.


The only mains I see on this forum that have never had really bad takes have been Torb, Bastion, and Zen mains.

True. Thank you for the assistance! :hugs: