Is there a Hong Kong flag player icon?

If not can Blizzard add it please

There is not a Hong Kong flag player icon. As mentioned in other posts throughout the years, many country flags are often not included due to “legal” reasons.

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The Hong Kong flag is illegal?

They probably would run into significant backlash from China if they added a Hong Kong flag. I suspect that’s why it hasn’t happened.

Now, could they add it just within certain regions? If so, that circumvents the legality issue to a degree. I believe they already did this with some of the Tracer & Soldier sprays in Russia?

Technically Hong Kong is not a country, it’s a “special administrative region” of China, a territorial unit similar to a state. Putting in a flag for Hong Kong would be like putting state/regional flags into the game.

They do have a beautiful flag, though, and it would be lovely to see in-game.

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