Who is this "someone else" the developers mentioned a while back?

A while back ,jeff mentioned “someone else” is going to be worked on (reworked ?) along with symmetra ,who do you think he was talking about ? I heavily doubt it’s hanzo, as it’s been already stated waaay before this that he’s coming in april ,they wouldn’t make something obvious a surprise.

My money is on bastion getting a rework ,since he is basically impossible to balance him to a state where he is good at high ranks while not dominating the lower ranks.

Edit : Or as people pointed out ,an ana buff is very likely ,too.

What I’m HOPING to happen (probably won’t) is a mccree buff ,he needs it.

Edit 2 :

Thanks to Terranguard for telling me that there’s also this quote that basically confirms it’s an older kit ,so sadly it can’t be hero 28.


Him or ana


While I am also interested in this thread topic, I would highly suggest that you change the title of your thread so it doesn’t get shut down.

You can’t actually put the names of any of the Overwatch developers in your thread title.


They are just getting to know each other, and hell show her off to his friends later.

i mean, we’ve already seen quite a change in the latest PTR patch.
And with Lucio being in the spotlight, i have a feeling he might’ve been this “someone else”.

edit: seeing as no one’s mentioning Lucio, is the change in his movements really so small? to me it looks like a complete rework…

I’d say Ana, Torbjorn or Bastion hopefully. Those three heroes really need some changes. I feel for their mains ):

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Right ,forgot about that ,thanks.

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Friends of mine keep thinking it might be Reinhardt, but my hopes are a bit low for that.

Just look for a character they’re backed into a corner balancing, like Ana (cause of Tank Meta) or Bastion (Transformers). I’d be excited for either one so, yknow, woop

EDIT: Hell, due to negative feedback, it could be Mercy again. I mean, I would get why Jeff wouldn’t say her name because the forums would explode again.

also…yknow it could be Hero 28 lol


Torbjorn was talked about in the same massage and they already said they’ll rework him later ,It’s not him.

As for ana ,maybe ? it’s possible.

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Someone else was Genji. =)

my bets on tracer tbh

I hope Ana, McCree (Like fixes to his flash-bang in general), or Bastion (and I don’t play him but a lot of my friend do).

Maybe even Rein would be a nice surprise since he seems to be in a bit of a tough spot right now. Not bad, but could be better.

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I don’t think they’ll be touching tracer any further than this ,except maybe a pulse-bomb charge rate later ,and I doubt they’d hype it up for such a small change.

Oh yeah, Torb was on the list. Bastion needs something but Ana is one of the least viable heroes in the current meta. She needs something ASAP.

I honestlt think its early testing of hero 28. This is about when they would start working on the next hero in time for a July release

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That’s an interesting theory ,but it seems like the wrong thread to hype up hero 28 on ,though it isn’t out of the question.

If it is…

Please let it be a tank…I kinda just really want another tank.

Also, where did they say this? Not calling you I’m just, I didn’t hear that! That’s awesome they want #28 out for the summer!

It’s probably bastion, as they seem to be over hauling the defense heroes. However, I really hope it’s Reinhardt. Ana is another candidate that it could be.

I doubt it’s rein ,sadly.

They’re probably waiting (and hoping) for dive to die down in S10 with brigitte before buffing other tanks.

You could say the same with ana ,but considering they’re trying to kill the meta she was made for (triple tank meta) they’re probably looking for a way to buff her ,or maybe even rework her.