Who is laughing now ? Quitting tank

I’ve made post a while ago why rein is going to be useless but i didn’t think you would make ALL main tanks useless in season 10. Not to mention almost none of us are left in the game. Good luck getting your tank playerbase back now , because if i am quitting tanking(rein main since like season 3) , i don’t think much more people are left and i can see that in my games.
I got chat restricted yesterday because of rising frustrations i got from playing rein , and i thought:“why am i getting more and more frustrated with the game as the time goes by?”, and i recalled when i started playing the game how different and more fair it was. How over half of the roster didn’t counter me then. And i made a promise. Never ever touching tank again. I started playing my placements as a dps today and im having much more fun than i did filling tank. It’s not worth it anymore guys. What’s so fun is that i wasn’t sure if my assumptions were right and oh boy did Blizzard deliver :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s actually hilarious, how they just ignore all feedback towards their new casual catering hero. Adding another stake in Rein’s heart. Hog can say good bye to picks with an enemy Brigette too, literally a multitude of tools to stop a hog from doing anything.


I made so many post about how brigette broke the game and its hilarious because I don’t want to play tank anymore either.


Just watch Daily overwatch moments from today dude , and see the pain in Calvin eyes. To be honest i start to get why XQC rages so much


So many people are feeling the same way as you. Most of my games have been all DPS losing me diamond because people just refuse to play tank. All tanks can do is get stun locked and deleted now.


I feel you. Not only do I get idiot team mates running ahead of my barriers to feed and die, even when I do get good teams, I still die super easy due to massive damage inflation in last few seasons.

With Orisa I can hold a payload for 3-4 seconds. With Lucio I can dance it for 10+ seconds sometimes. I can protect team mates better with boop and Ult than via an easily broken or flanked barrier.


This addition of Brigette literally gets added to the list, of their amazing balance feats.

Along the legends of instant Rez Mercy, Bastion 35% ironclad, Hog S5 0.7% pick rate nerf and Ana’s initial 30 second nano boosts.

Congrats Blizzard.


Just watched latest Unit Lost. Apparently people don’t want to play main tank anymore…


And thus a new torb main is born


You either die playing Main tank, or watch yourself become a Brigette cancer main. Time to join the dark side for free SR.


Yeah just do what everyone else does and just auto lock in dps, dont join voice and just troll, the game is already dying anyway, should just assist it at this point


‘Just trolling’ is reportable for throwing… also the game isn’t dying just because you don’t like it anymore

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You’re famous, OP. :rofl:


The real sentence is :

“You either die a main tank or live long enough to become the brigitte”.


I don’t hate Brigitte I think as much as a lot of you, but the S10 placements were easily the worst I’ve experienced as a tank main and I’ve played since Beta. They’re usually my most fun games of the season, to the point I’ve always finished all 10 day 1. I barely made it through these. And in fact the only fun I had was the last one with an attack torb/sym on my team.

I think it’s a little of getting tossed around as Winston/Rein by a tiny support character, but then multiplied by general fatigue. They really need to shake things up somehow, in a way that doesn’t trash a bunch of the less rewarding characters to play!

Funny you should say that, I’ve been playing a lot of Torb on my other account (not one-tricking him) and he is insane up until about 2900, where he can’t do anything. My WR is over 70% and that’s with about 10% your team instantly throws when you pick Torb. He’s a pretty fun, relaxing character to play actually.


Wow really i am in gold and i have no problem playing orisa with my team in comp, ya i get stuned quite a bit but my barrier stays up and my Dps stays behind it, Brigitte finally is forcing people to group up behind a tank instead of running off trying to lone wolf the game


Maybe Blizzard will finally get their stuff together , good i’ve written that :slight_smile:

Well I mean people can get to GM with torb if they’re good enough. But that doesn’t make him a good hero to main. I’m usually annoyed when I get an attack torb on my team because
a) he needs a shield to be effective so dive is out
b) hard countered (torb and his turret) by junkrat, who excels on defense
c) somewhat inconsistent dmg due to his projectile drop-off

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The only times I play tank now is if I’m playing with my 6 stack. I pity anyone tanking with randoms specially in this season.

With Rein you don’t have control anymore, don’t even mention Brigitte. I’m playing Doomfist more and more these days to actually have control of my character, feel free, have fun and punch CC demons in the face for ruining my already weakened crusader.

So you go mate, you play dps and feel free until they fix this balance. You deserve it.

Greetings from another Rein main on the exact same boat.

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It is time for Blizzard to create more new tank heroes to keep players interested in playing tanks, like what they did with supports with Moira and Brigitte.

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