Who is laughing now ? Quitting tank

Sorry mate, the game is far from dead, just cause the ‘‘famous’’ youtubers and streamers moved over to fortnite doesnt means its dead, thats hardly 1-2% of people gone… get clapped

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its funny how the minority has become so inflexible & set in their ways that they cant adapt to a new meta.

LOL. Do you pay attention to current events? Big name streamers have already put down the game which in part brings a ton of their fans with them. OW playerbase has progressively gone down since release date. Game is dying

I’d ignore the feedback here too cause it’s straight up atrocious, lol. It’s either bad perceptions or braindead regurgitation of what someone else said (i.e. popular players/ content creators). I’m sure they probably just come here for a laugh like I do now.

It’s actually ridiculous what they have does to destroy proper tanking since tanks that only do damage is d.va and zarya since there is so much shields and healing in the game

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It’s weird because I’ve never seen this many Reins in game :thinking:

Reinhart is incredibly useful, but the problem (coming from a tank main) is that most teams won’t support their tank. Brigitte and Zenyatta are a crappy healing combination. The big healers are being played less.

As an off-tank main, it’s like pulling teeth trying to get someone to main tank. There’s so much damage in this game that tanks are NECESSARY. Most of the player base simply isn’t good enough to go all DPS.


Not just Hog, just about anyone gets kicked in the balls with Brigitte. It kinda sucks big time.

I’ve been maining Mercy and recently switched to Moira since I’m better with her, and every ultimate she just arrives and slams that thing into my face.

What’s so bad about that isn’t that she stops my ultimate, anyones ultimate can be stopped… by killing them. She doesn’t do that, she just presses a button and 100% is gone to waste. Sucks.

RH and Sombra does the same to you also.

I’m a tank main myself with almost 200 hours on D.va and Rein as secondary. I didn’t place well this season and I feel pretty useless as a tank. I think I’ll take a break from this season tbh.

sorry to hear that man, tanking is a lot tougher now since there have made a lot of tanks redundant,

hog can be decent at best vs big in a control point map,

Rein you have to swing then shield a lot of the time,

but in nutshell we lost our purpose a bit.

Brigitte sure hurts tanks in general, but she also made Rein/Zarya meta.

Tell me about it either nerf this hero or remove her cause am never ever playing Reinhardt, or tanks anymore up to this point. Brigitte is busted op broken with low skill good job blizzard, you have 0 talents for balancing game sense.

The irony is that she’s so good with the tank she punishes. It’s the worst-case scenario where character selection is completely dominated by how powerful the one character is; you pick tanks that work best with Brigitte, and just have to suck it up when Brigitte gets the star role on both teams.

I guess Zarya is pretty happy about the whole situation, since she gets a second fantastic synergy teammate.

I’ve been a plat tank main for a few seasons now. I feel Brigitte has actually made Rein better. Sure you get stunned but peeps will stand behind my shield now and Brigitte helps to keep peeps off of me. Zarya also seems a lot better. Orisa seems more or less the same as before.

It’s the other three tanks that have become significantly weaker. Dva, Winston and hog just seem almost irrelevant.

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