Who has the highest peak for each hero on the forums

the title is self explanatory i’m curios which hero has the lowest sr mains on fourms just say your peak or current sr if you don’t remember and i’ll update it
Ana - 3800 alliance
Ashe -
Bastion- 2500 by bastion lol
Brigitte - 4334 me
D.va - 4001 dmon diff
Doomfist -3600
Genji - 4004
Hanzo -4200 best papa
Junkrat -3900 burnt toast
Lucio - 4400 trihardfist
Mccree -
Mei -3200
Mercy - 4429 aurora
Moira - 4500
Orisa -
Pharah -
Reaper - 3300 yourself
Reinhardt - 4300 backsodo
Roadhog -3600
Soldier 76 -3520
Sombra -3450
Symmetra -3700
Torbjorn -4000 best papa
Tracer -3998
Widowmaker -2900
Winston -3600
Wrecking Ball -
Zarya -3900
Zenyatta -


it would have to be aurora realistically, for me though it’s 2986

I peaked 4400 as Lucio with 70% WR. Sadly I’m prone to severe ladder anxiety and even tho I know I was able to go higher I just couldn’t press the ranked button.

Proof : https://i.imgur.com/6UuNtt4.jpg I’m Sit, it’s one of the only screenshots I have from this era since I changed SSD since then.


I’m not the highest on the forums, but I peaked at 3250 with D.Va.

I gave up on ranked when the game switched to 2/2/2 and every match was against OG double shield Orisa+Sigma. Felt so bad playing D.Va into that with the 2 second matrix cooldown and 10m range. I was trying so hard to make her work but dropped nearly 700 SR because D.Va was so trash at that time.

u remember their sr?

I think there were a few gm mercy even a couple seasons ago posting here.

Also for dva that forum poster who used to annoy by turning out very thread in to dva argument and got banned 1000yrs lmao was gm I think they made some guides.

Also moira is gm I think.

For zarya this bloke yourself is masters.

Mei there is only krotan no idea what rank he is.

For bastion Treb and electro whoever is highest.

For doomfist it’s egryn no competition :joy:

Also post their name next to sr so they can be lengends

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One of the highest on the forums.

3800 peak. (D.Va)

Meteor or D.Mondiff has to be the highest.

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Your hanasong right, you didn’t reach gm I feel like I read a guide from you while ago was very helpful.

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Evermore was 5000 SR Roadhog
Effect was 4997 SR Widowmaker, I recall he wrote something on forums so it classifies him as forum user? :thinking:

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My main account is stuck in low masters… cant get passed mid 3600’s.

Dvadiff however allows me to surpass that.


2573 on gengo

And then supports happened

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no but i could probably look for it

i swear there’s no such thing as zen mains on fourms i’ve rarely seen one


Ana, about 3700
She’s all Id play when I used to do competitive placements, but I don’t even do those anymore

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I’m at 9k on Mauga


Every time I peek I get deleted, so.

on what roblox overwatch that dosent count

I think my zarya is 3700 but there will probably be higher ppl.
I also played sigma and winston at the time so idk if that counts.

got to 4300 off rein and I think 4200ish from brig

lower than the highest brig though