Who else actually LIKES the hero bans?


I do know because I’ve experienced it first-hand.

There was also the Torb one-trick streamer Fuey500 who was falsely reported & banned.

And who can forget xQc false reporting live on stream.

I never said it did.

Incorrect. Smurfs and toxic players regularly abuse the reporting system.

I don’t need to prove anything to some random person on the Internet.

They are not. Jeff has acknowledged that it’s a problem and they’re looking into solutions.

Love the idea. I always felt comp needed more structure and rule sets to separate it more from “Just like QP with golden guns” to “This is comp, play as a team.”

Map pools give you more time practicing on the same maps for a season.

Hero pools thins out the one tricks, meta slaves and makes teams experiment with new compositions.

Since you know both teams are locked into 222 you know the type of compositions that’ll be used, so there’s no blindside of 5 dps and a Lúcio or Goats.

Bans can also gauge unique stats and conditions that can’t be normally met. Like with antiheal gone how do other supports fair? Is is Reinhardht an overbuffed Juggernaut or are the other tanks too weak to fend him off?

I actually like this week’s ban and It’s a true shame I won’t be able to play as much this week.

I think this was just a unique case to test the strength of other healers. Maybe to see if stacked aoe heals are too strong, is solo healers viable, antinade being removed, strong ranged healing too and how much difference does that make.

Either that or trying to make sustained damage more viable :thinking:

I’m just not expecting them to ban 2 tanks though. At least not yet anyway :man_shrugging:

I dislike anything that limits the content to an already limited game thanks to role queue.

I’m not a fan of hero pools whatsoever; its a lazy way to ignore balance.


i consider those bans justified. ur in competitive, if ur soft throwing the game it should be ok to report them. if ur gonna do that go to qp. thats why its there.
here’s an example. if ur team refuses to get a hitscan, dva, or shield against a pharah mercy who makes the game a stomp, would u think thats ok?

normal players don’t experience this. u need to do something that aggravates every team pretty much.

so dont tell me to prove something that u need to prove happens.

i don’t know if ur new, but yes they are. if they weren’t then wouldnt every steamer be perma banned by now. they are just not ok with playing on ur smurf if ur already banned.

Funny since there’s a lot of support and tank mains screaming for DPS heroes to be made into F-tier.

Well, you’re not Blizzard, so it doesn’t matter what you consider justified or not.

FYI Blizzard quickly reversed the ban so the reports obviously were not justified.

Except he wasn’t throwing, hence why Blizzard reversed the ban.

Link to Jeff admitting smurfing is a problem and that they’re working on solutions:

He would defend anyone who is being even looked at funny. I’ve had these arguments over and over with people. Having more than 3 or so characters that you can switch to is healthy because it helps your games and makes the game more enjoyable for everyone. If someone else can’t play a hitscan then you can, if the other tank can’t play shield well, then you can. He did say that it’s a team game right? But it seems like it’s only when it’s convenient for him, switching for the betterment of a team in a competitive environment even though you may have less fun for the moment is horrible and should never be done, nevermind the other 5 players on your team in a team based game, they should learn to play around you because that’s what being a one trick boils down to.

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The difference is the devs regularly go through with it on tanks and supports, while mostly giving minor tweaks to DPS heroes. Sombra, Symmetra, and Bastion being the exceptions for DPS.

I wish this was implemented before role lock

As a One Trick I never expect others to play around me, I expect them to play with me (much like how I play with their hero choices)

Initially hated the idea, but it lets them cycle heroes in/out without leaving it to the playerbase that will either gang up on known one-tricks or banning popular/meta heroes constantly (effectively removing them for a whole season)

So their implementation works great I believe.

not enough dpas banned and no offtank … that’s the only issue

i hate hero bans, just as much i hate chopping meta with an axe in form of forced 2-2-2

but if people wanted 222, then bans are naturally another step… you chose this path long ago, so you have to take another steps in your jounrney to fun in this game :wink:

None of my heroes have been banned yet so… yeah I haven’t had any problems with it yet.

Then again, I’ve been slacking in actually playing comp so…

see ‘chopping meta with an axe’ means nothing. Meta means nothing at low ranks where i play is why I hate Hero Pools.
2-2-2 allows me to one trick easier (less chance someone else chooses D’Va) so I like it for that :slight_smile:

see? meta exist in high ranks
so theres no need to chop it like its a piece of wood

but people demanded it, so there we gooooooo, 2 supporst banned for a week - people scream to high heavens

no matter what Blizzard does people will complain on the forums, that is just the nature of the forums.

my belief is that if communication would be better than people would complain less

and i am not talking about developers answering all threads, or sitting on forums for whole day till midnight

i like hte idea of hero bans but hatting the double supp ban

and i like this week bans
support players always complained about DPS (because they were killing them) to get banned… while support denies impact of DPS heroes and ‘thats fine’ … now its time to take some of their own medicine

week will end, bans will change, screetching will go away till next supp bans