:Fish: Which do you think is Hero 30 - Tank Or Support? (Non healing Support?)


Granted, but, it is an unused concept which they have been pushing out patches to change how it operates, while building new heroes.

It is a pretty strong signal, they had no reason to change it with the current lineup.


Like Non Healing Support with Flying Barrier summoning… or the old version of the Teleporter


I feel like they may have leaked that info by accident when announcing it. They probably had to do it for all just in case but may have forgot that temp health was never added to the game (unless it is but refers to something that we don’t know about)


Could be. It was such a minor change, given the current heroes, I wonder how long it would have been before someone noticed.


I really hope its a support. I don’t even care if its a male or female, as long as they are cute! Can we just steal Lifeline from Apex Legends???


Guess no one likes the non Healing Support returning


Because at this point it’s been established that they don’t work. Even in a game with nearly 100 heroes like Heroes of the Storm, non-support heroes either got reworked to be full-on healing supports, or they’re regarded as a Sym-level trash pick.

Whatever support comes next, it will fight for a spot in either the main healer role, or the off-support role like Lucio or Zen.


To make non-healing support, you need:

  • something to give sustain during the teamfight;
  • something that will restore teammates health instead of making them go find a healthpack

just to replace something as simply as healing. That’s 2 slots for skills, usually. Their kit would need to be as bloated with abilities like Brigitte, the War Crime. Noone wants neither more brigittes nor symmetras in the game, so…


It has to be main tank… Like… Its so much needed imo :stuck_out_tongue:


A Tank for Talon, a Tank or Maximilien, or Maximilien as a Tank for Talon


I think it’s a support, I think jeff said to expect in someones stream. Hopefully a male one


Main Support or Main Tank. Please.

~ PyroPanda


I hope it’s a support.
looking from a different point of view, I want a tank because it will be easier to charge my crap beam as symmetra :slight_smile:


Well, people will get angry when the new hero is shown.
Can’t make everyone happy.


I would love sanjay as a shielding support. Just channeled and decaying, stacking shields like doomfists passive/lucios ultimate.

Would also think a support that can throw zarya shields on enemies would be a super fun, balanced alternative to anti-heal, and great counter for goats.


Im pretty sure they said the next hero is tank


Where did they say that?

Jeff did say they know people want a shield tank much like Rein and Orisa, but it was never confirmed.
I hope it is one, though.


Almost certain tank, since I think Echo will be the Support.


A non healing support would be interesting but then they would have to have some major utility that helps the team. So many people complained about symm being a support with no healing abilities and only have TP/Shield Gen, and even before shield Gen, her little shield ability that worked on a hero once per life.

However, making a non healing support would also conflict as people generally want 2 healers, and but having one of those support spots taken by a support that doesnt actually heal, people will complain and consider then as DPS.

I think support needs to heal in some capacity. However for hero 30, I want a new main tank. Main tanks are slim and we havent gotten one since Orisa and so many people call her trash (not me, I love her).

But im down for both. But the support needs to heal, even if its not “main healer” type of heals


Just chiming in to say that when Echo does get released, I want her to be a DPS. I feel like the graceful, feminine, calm healer with a white color palette has already been done with Mercy, and I would be a bit disappointed to see that trope done over again.

I could easily see Echo having some kind of energy or psionic weaponry that allows her to placidly wreck house without a lot of visible gun-like structures built into her.