:Fish: Which do you think is Hero 30 - Tank Or Support? (Non healing Support?)


Because god forbid we have heroes that have overlapping abilities? thats the reason we have must picks and troll picks. Because one hero has something that is 100% needed 100% of the time OH BUT ONLY THEY CAN HAVE IT. that’s stupid and its part of the reason only a small amount of the roster is used in pro play.


could be, but, with the timing it is for the next hero.

If Echo is 31, and a support, that would make this hero a tank.

If Echo isn’t 31, or not a support, then, 30 would likely be a support hero, and 31 will be a tank.


I actually think Echo is 32… because Blizz Con.


ok, then support that hands out temp health at scale. Followed by a tank.


I am not sure why everyone goes for this option. It can be pretty broken actually. It offers way better protection than a shield since allows for more flexibility compared to barriers and makes you harder to kill at the same time.


Because they altered how temp health worked. Now, it isn’t for any current heroes…


No, because they should get creative instead of giving tanks barriers for them to work. Also, this game does not evolve around pro play :slight_smile:


Ok but these suggestions came even before that. Also there is Brigitte that does exactly that with her ult.


right, but her ult has VERY little difference with these changes, nor does her health overheal…

They wouldn’t make the changes for the tiniest bit of difference, especially without calling out why they did it in the patch notes.


I don’t know why people thought it was a thing before the temp health / armor / shield change though.

Once that went though, it is the obvious choice.


please let it me a male support


My point is, it is very unlikely to have 2 heroes that does almost the same thing. First they took it away from symmetra to give it to brig. They will have to take it away from brig to give it to someone else.


Lucio gives Temp shields.
Brig gives Temp armor.
No one gives Temp health yet…


i hope a main tank that can compete with rein for the slot as orisa didn’t work to replace him as the best option.

or a main support with a high skill ceiling that can compete with ana for the best healer in high ranks while also give support mains more heroes to play.


Why so? Not every hero needs to be 100% original, that’s the case with any hero-based game. At this point there’s already enough heroes with originality, I’d rather see heroes that have toolkits which are iterations of already existing mechanics, with a spice of completely new things, that way we’re given more alternatives to certain roles which people dislike playing because there’s simply lack of choice (I’m looking at Reinhardt).


that’s the point of regular health. each hero has a certain amount of normal white health and you can only heal that to its max.


… it literally revolves around pro play. The only changes that get made to this game are because the pros moan about it on twitter.

And aside from damage reduction auras or giving shield health to all allies around you. What else could a main tank use that would even come close to the usefulness of Reinhardts barrier.

Because even though he’s not overpowered he is a borderline must pick for any team that actually wants to win.


right, but the change went from this…

Health - Temp Health - Armor - Temp Armor - Shield - Temp Shield.


Health - Armor - Shield - Temp Health - Temp Armor - Temp Shield.

The game has a concept of temp health. But, no hero uses it yet.


Hopefully the hero doesn’t cause Goats to return. (think of a Healing Tank might be able to do that?)


Anything that migate damage from team is welcomed hence Barier slash Main tank.

Thats good logic but take Doomfist for example - he would be perfect fit for BlizzCon - Nope, Chuck Testa Moira.


It doesn’t necessarily means it will come. It could be unused concept that is still in the game.