When will Symmetra 3.0 hit PTR?

“very soon” is really ambiguous.

but hey, would be great if we actually get it this week.

My best guess would be Tomorrow or Friday afternoon. There is certainly precedent for those days for PTR patches. If I had to put money on it, I’d say tomorrow afternoon. But I’m just making an educated guess based on their prior patches.

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Only 60, huh?

Honestly I’m right there with you. Symmetra has been one of my favorites since open Beta. I’m cautiously excited for this rework, mostly because of the barrier vampirism on her gun.

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That was a bit long ago. Michael Chu the Lead Designer (or whatever its called) said in his appearance at the OWL that she is coming very soon. Sooo… Thats what i heard

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then i say, for like the third time, that would be awesome if she’s coming as soon as before this week ends.

i just don’t want to hype myself up and leave myself waiting for another 3-4 weeks.

Probably same time as around the Horizon rework so first week of June

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Based off predictions it’ll either be this week or next week.

Stylosa thinks it’ll happen tomorrow :joy:

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I actually completely forgot about the shield vampirism!!! Holy moly she is going to be fun ; w ; !

I dont care how long I have to wait! I just wish a Jeoff would give a date!

Hanzo’s rework was on Friday. I hope we get it at least this week, I can’t wait another week!

Yes please let it be today… it will be the best thing that ever takes place in the history of overwatch… at least for me.


Well it would nice if today but lets not our hopes too high but in few weeks for sure it will come

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I know the devs are definitely working on it!
Im sure they will release as soon as possible!

I’m actually hyped for it and I don’t even play symm! Its like a new hero is coming xD

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Same! But it has the same model of my fav hero and improves on her so much!

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I am really nervous about this rework. I am keeping a open mind but I am very aware this could easily destroy my most played, most skilled and favoured hero.

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My guess is early June when she will hit the PTR.

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My guess is about the same.
At the very least next week or early next month!

Hopefully, never.

That rework looks like a disaster waiting to happen.

I can actually see why its difficult to alter her. Her play style will just become another needed DPS.

Sym mains (i am one) i think will be disappointed… she wont play anywhere near like what she did. The only aspect you will be familiar with are her turrets.

A lot of DPS mains will start enjoying her though- esp zarya mains who want to play dps.

I am excited for her but i think the new hero they release needs to feel some aspects thats lost with the old sym. I think the new hero will be vital in making her rework a success

I say to see until she’s released!
I know it’s definitely different. But we can’t say until we have tried!