When did Overwatch become more frustrating for you and less fun?

Anyone else miss when Overwatch was genuinely fun? And just, not really fxcking frustrating to play? The balancing with the game seems to get worse and worse with each unnecessary buff, nerf, and reworks to heros, the game events are stale, the majority of game modes (aside from maybe no limits and total mayhem) are boring, and the only way blizzard seems to think they can spruce up the game a bit is just by continuously adding heros that get worse and worse with each release or by just over-hyping/investing way too much into OWL.

Competitive, which was something that I honestly felt was rewarding, just is extremely frustrating now as well. The reasons for this vary, from the one or two “op” heros each season, to the tiring and/or annoying comps to play/play against, to the increase of toxicity in the community (I’ve gotten more throwers and just generally shxtty girls and guys in my games the past 3 seasons more then any other point in my comp experience), and the huge increase in smurf accounts. (Want to note that I don’t mind smurfs that much if you’re using them to practice a hero, or to play with lower ranked friends, I just find them to be an issue when people 1. have multiple ones, 2. are pretty toxic people, and 3. they’re using them just to shxt on players who are ranked lower then them.) Either way, makes the game less fun for newer players, lower ranks players, and jut people trying to have a fun time.

I have more issues with things that I’m not sure how to put into words, but Overwatch in 2018 is so different from the release, and I’m not even sure if that’s a good thing or not in any way. I guess here’s to hoping that 2019 is better.

Anyway though, whats your views on Overwatch’s current state? Any ideas or suggestions for how Blizzard could make the game more fun again, even if not competitively and just casually? And when did it first become frustrating/unfun to play for you personally?


When I stop listening to my own advice erryday and come on these forums. I find the game immensely fun when I just play it.


It hasn’t or I wouldn’t still be playing it


The game died for me when they decided to ruin Mercy. I haven’t played much since.


When I started caring too much about rank. Burned out. Gave it up for a long time. Came back. Having fun now.


that’s fine, i’m glad you still enjoy the game ^^ i hope some day i’ll be able to again as well. have a good day!

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When Brig was introduced


After mercy’s rework is when things started going downhill.


I’ve noticed that too.
Moira annoys me because she does decent damage from long range. She’s like baby Sym lol.

Frequently I feel like I get someone down to 1 bar of health and they just get away, and all the armor being added makes it worse.
On top of that, people are way more toxic now than when I first started playing. I constantly get crapped on in chat (in QP no less) to switch heros because I’m not doing well. How am I supposed to learn new heros?


that’s good ^^ i’m glad you still have fun!!

It never did for me, honestly

oof, yea the people being way too serious about quick play honestly sucks so much when you’re trying out new heros. i def feel ya on that one dude. and also yeaaaa, honestly if they nerfed moria’s beam range i’d maybe dislike her less lol

A huge part of the magic disappearing is that we’re familiar with the game now, and can see its flaws. When the game first came out, everything could be attributed to “oh I’ll get used to that”, but now we’re used to it, and it’s bad, man.


i wish i could like posts multiple times bc yeaaa this checks out

Pharah nerf, pretty much stopped now altogether.

ah, that’s good then ^^ im glad you still have fun with it!

The day Competitive mode was added.


The day Brigitte got to the live servers. Ever since then my motivation to play Overwatch plummeted. It didn’t help that the overall development of Overwatch was … underwhelming at best. Boring events, forgettable heros as well as both horribly slow and terribly ineffective balance changes.


ohh, okay that’s not one i’ve heard anyone mention before :0 but that’s a really understandable point

When I was trying to quite caffeine.

Yeah it was a struggle, I had to quit overwatch for quite sometime just because I couldn’t react to anything or hit the broadside of a barn while I was going through withdrawl.

Though I’m back on it because of a college course i was taking, when I was off it, I found that my performance in-game was more stable throughout the day. That and well, I was saving so much money on caffeinated beverages lol.

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