When did Overwatch become more frustrating for you and less fun?

whata mood honestly

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When they introduced OWL and went far away from casual play, after the Mercy rework, and when Brig was introduced, along with literally nothing but the community slowly delving into a “but x pro said” and using the report system to dictate what heroes someone should play.

Mercy rework was a huge OP mess that they can’t seem to balance after 13 or so nerfs and a half nerf revert, though finally she seems “ok”. I was a Mercy main as my go to healer, and I felt dirty using her during those OP days.

Brig was just a nightmare. Especially OG Brig. Mainly due to the stun every 4 or 5 seconds, I forgot what it used to be. I still have residual hatred towards it. Only her stun though.

Then the community is just… wow.


When Ana got her first nerfs.

Everything after that, the game fell in the gutter for me. Roadhogs nerfs, D.VAs insane buffs that ruined her as a defense tank, Sombras nerfs…

I dread balance notes now. I had faith when they released Ana and made really good updates, but I should have heeded the warning back in the beta of the game when Torb and Bastion got mega nerfed. It was a taste of what was to come with this game.


The day Geoff Goodman extensively told us the plans for Symmetra second rework.

It just went downhill from there. It peaked after Torb rework hit live. Nowadays, I only play when my last friend that still cares about Overwatch want some company in ranked (we both agree that ranked in soloQ is a bad idea)

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The game died for me competitively wise when Blizzard decided to pander to the low elo community of this game by doing unecessary reworks/buffs/nerfs instead of going for the healthy route.


I’d say I had more fun with the game when it initially came out because it was just still new and people didn’t really know or enforce how the game should be. Especially in the competitive sense.

Competitive then just felt like a pain in the rear. Try to amuse this person or that person, someone berates you for this or that.

The community and the perceptions of how the game should be played(at least for the competitive scene of it all) was a point that made me play way less.

It’s gotten better, but (overall) when poor behavior could just go unchecked, that was when the game was just completely frustrating.

Lol wut?

First, moira has the lowest dps in the game.

Second, she is not at all like Sym… baby or not.


ahh, im glad you were able to quit it for a while, or at least limit your consumption ;^^ if you’re still in college then good luck with your courses!

Personally, I thought about leaving Overwatch after Hog got butchered to death but just left the Tank category until Droideka (Wrecking Ball) came out. Instead played Damage heroes entirely until Hammond.

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welllll i mean,

moira’s damage beam does 50 dps, 30 (self) hps, and her beam is 20 metres long with unlimited ammo and a (somewhat weakish) lock on. i think that’s where they have the similarities, or at least, did when it was previous sym ^^

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Moira does 50 dps with her succ hand and 50 dps with her succ orb, and it heals her 30 hps.
So she can kill squishies in 2 seconds easily, and even faster if any teammates help. The healing she gets from it makes it harder to defend yourself, especially if you’re playing someone like Sombra, who needs to be close. And her range is so far you can’t just invisi-dip out of there lol

With that, and the lack of needing to aim makes it easy to put out /decent/ damage.
She is like the original Sym, locks on to you.

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200 damage total from the damage orb over 4 seconds actually ^^ 400 total healing from her healing orb, either way yea she’s very annoying to deal with

My hate torwards this game started with Dive meta, ended with GOATS.

Uninstalled, not bothered.

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Ye, 200 damage over 4 sec is 50 dps. Provided it’s not on several players and it’s on you the full 4 sec. That combined with the succ hand, well, sucks lol

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ah, my b i misread it for some reason but yeaaaa it majorly sucks lolol

Brig broke the game for me. I learned to play around her, got better at swapping to counters, etc. But objectively, I still can’t deny the fact that Blizzard deliberately released an OP character to manipulate the meta. I lost faith in the dev after this, and that’s the one thing I can’t adapt to or overcome.


Overwatch is still fun for me but is getting a bit too repetitive i.e. I play less now. It’s not really due to a flaw in it’s design, it’s more that Overwatch is now an old game that’s been around for a few years. But for a game that has had my attention for over 6 months is more than decent in my opinion.

The excess of dps that came with dive and double sniper.

Oh you want to play dps for once? too bad, 4+ people want too. Go play the babysitter roles now.


oof, yea that sucks and is why i ended up as mostly a tank/support main only rlly just now get to occasionally dps lol

I want to say the game hasn’t gotten less fun, but the frustrating parts have definitely gotten worse.

I think I feel that way because majority of my frustrations are other players. I don’t really think anything in game (especially at my rank) is more broken than how people act. Lack of scoreboard (for comp), and PBSR not being removed from all ranks would probably be my biggest game gripes off the top of my head.

For me, it’s not all games, it’s not even most, but it’s far too frequent. People flame at off-meta picks, but then people will force 5-dps. Not enough comms to determine what’s best for the team pregame, too much instant-flames, people too butthurt about being asked to swap even when they’re playing bad, etc.

I know these are common complaints, but it seems like players are more jaded, so when you run into these people, they’re even harder to convince to play for the team. And the people who get really mad at these players, fly off the handle way more quickly. Those people should just pick a new game if they’re that miserable all the time.

The forums would have you believe it’s an utter cesspool out there, but it’s not. Most people are reasonable if you’re not a jerk, but the reason it feels so bad is that even if 4 of your 5 teammates are awesome, 1 guy has the power to ruin the whole experience.