What's your favourite bit of Forum-lore?

He moved on. That’s all I’m willing to say about that.

He is a good man and he’ll live a good life away from Overwatch.

Your ApexTeamwork is still here, I’m just under another new name.

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Ooh okay thanks. I just remember him quiting 7 or 20 times. Figured he was inbetween retirements :slight_smile:

If you’re interested in RichC’s scrubbed name anon summary, it’s here.

I only know this because I upvoted him so many times.


I still remember Ragg Tagg’s Forum criers segments. I can’t remember ever seeing him post anything but his ninja stalking us and creating funny YouTubes made the forums more entertaining. :grin:

I also remember the many forum cults created, especially in the old forums. The down-votes and the 404s were raining down upon us all back then.


Who remembers the old forum cop sprinkles? Whatever happened to them?


I would also point out that I have been working on restoring the old developer responses from the old forums, and some of the usernames on there I recognized reminded me of how much our community has evolved. The forums have definitely benefited from the new forum platform, removing dislikes, and having multi-media options.



Yes, I’m a member of the high council. Even if it isn’t anything like it was in the glory days.


It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that name :frowning:


The dad joke thread on the old forums that even Jeff posted in.

His joke was something like

“What was it called when Soldier 76 got upset because he ran out of eggs for breakfast?”

“The omelette crisis”

That wasn’t even the only dad joke thread. This was a common trendy thing for a little bit.

This is one of my favorites


The Mercy threads were nothing -nothing- compared to when D.VA got nerfed around s3/s4.

Megathread after megathread, maxing out posts, each demanding DVa be reverted using a near-essay of cherry picked data and poor arguments in the original post. Anything against the hivemind got nuked with downvotes. Anything remotely resembling “Dva good” got mass-upvoted.


They’re still active with a different username, spreading their hatred of Sym. :joy:


You only have 3 more hours on tracer than i do. Unless your above plat shes gotta irritate to you too :slight_smile:


I missed out seeing the Mercy raid. What am I doing with my life? :sob:


Here’s another funny thread. I wish we had more of these silly fun threads again. Remember when threads were made just to laugh? Ah…good times


I only play QP but I haven’t found Tracer annoying in years to be honest. If I played Marcy or Zen maybe I’d feel differently.

EDIT: I think I misunderstood. Do you mean as a Tracer player I should find Sym annoying? Because yeah, sometimes I certainly do.

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Sorry i was reffering to sym i see how that was confusing. I meant i have 3 less tracer hours than you. I dont find sym particularly strong either honestly i just enjoy poking fun at the forum mentality that you cant do anything on her. :slight_smile:

That is correct

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My relationship with Sym has changed a lot over the last year or so. She actually used to be my most hated hero in the whole roster. I found her turrets insufferable as a Tracer and Hammond player.

Over time I’ve expanded my hero pool and gotten better, and I’m also getting matched with much more skilled teammates these days. In my average match currently, most Sym turrets don’t last more than a few seconds and many are shot out of the air before they land. So she doesn’t bother me much anymore.

On the other hand, I’ve started playing her and I love her primary so much. Her orbs are fun too and the TP can be a great tool when your team uses it, but her lack of mid-fight mobility really does make it hard for her to live long in team fights.

Half the time I forget to even use the turrets. They can be deleted for all I care as long as she’s given better mobility or sustain instead. :joy:

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Honestly so many of people’s complaints can be summed up with people needing to improve and have a diverse hero pool. If all your heroes are countered by turrets, and you’re not playing at a level where people kill them, then you’ll probably really hate turrets.

But that’s not actually a problem with the turrets or that hero.

I think once the ptr changes come through that the game will be pretty close to balanced and the stuff that isn’t, really isn’t that far off.


Yeah, true that.

I’ll admit that the game’s state of balance has been improving pretty quickly lately. I’m really happy with that!

She can be irritating but is not usually overbearing i agree. Shes also not the useless guarentee of a loss that sombra (kinda) is despite the perception on these forums. I think she is right where she belongs. Viable in a niche at almost every rank, whether its for the turrets at plat and below or the teleporter above that.

I dont even think hero selection matters especially if the tanks and supports commit to cleaning them up to help their dps out as they should. They counter bad teams not any one hero.

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