What's up with Mercy's winrate?

One of the core elements of Overwatch FROM THE VERY START was to switch heroes mid match.
If they wanted you to only play Mercy 24/7 they would not allow hero switching.

It’s okay. It like how subtracting a negative number is the same thing as adding.

Valkyrie eliminates:

  1. The need for Mercy to juggle beams.
  2. The need for Mercy to position herself.
  3. Any issues in maintaining altitude, since you hover by default.
  4. Any ground-based danger whatsoever.

It’s rare that I find myself in any kind of danger at all, or that I feel I could have done anything better during Valkyrie. If a teammate dies in Mercy’s base form while I was trying to attend to someone else, I can question whether I should have prioritized them first. With Valkyrie, though, I just hold down M1 and if they die…(Reaper shrug).

Also, 9 times out of 10, the enemy don’t even bother shooting at me, because I’m not a harder target to kill than Pharah–whom we already KNOW people don’t bother shooting at.

It is one the most engaging ults in the game.

You can use it to dmg multiple people such as an ulting genji along with a visoring soldier for a guaranteed team wipe.

You can use it to heal the team in the middle of fights and if the other team does not have a counter valk then you are almost guaranteed a win.

You can use it as battle mercy as many high level support players do

There are many uses to Valk its just that players like you don’t want to accept that Valk is not useless as you try to make it

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2 birds 1 high noon.

I was just quoting it from someone. Here’s the full section:

Assuming I didn’t have the Gamesense to realize what time it was, good thing I can GA even faster, or just fly behind cover.

Somehow this doesn’t happen to me, but whatever. I apparently play some other version of OW.

It solves the problem of “nobody else picked healer”. It partially solves problem of “they suck at it”, as you are more likely to get a support main for the slot.

As for testing out - well… How is that a problem?

But enjoy your misery I guess.

Y’all I lost 400 SR and my winrate went from 62% to 54% in literally 2 days.

It’s kinda what I get for trying to stick it out with her like I always have but gosh darn, that’s rough. I’m making it back with Moira and Lucio, luckily, but I would be in diamond for the first time ever if I hadn’t lost so much SR with Mercy :sob:

engaging mercy

what does that mean exactly?

i play mercy for high mobility

they made her more mobile with the rework.

with the nerf, the only thing they lowered was her healing.

mercy mains are mad that ana and moira are viable. simple as that.


Yeah when Mercy is ulting and healing Pharah and Mccree has his ult it’s a guaranteed kill. One of the only times high noon is good.

1- You do need to juggle between DMG and Heal if thats what you mean

2- She really does need to position, do you realize how easy it is to kill her with Widow? 1 headshot and 2-3 body shots and if the mercy is not constantly changing her position she is done for and thats not even accounting for Visor or High Noon

3- You’re right she does require no skill to hover but if you hover you die

4- Point 2

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Yet it is best utilised by staying as far as possible from the fight. :thinking:

Lots of Support Mains suck, though. I say this as someone who’s a Silver Support Main on my main account.

As for the other thing…guess you got a point there.

she hovers from a safe distance while she watches them die because of ults being activated. her ult is good for a push i know and admit that but she cant do anything to defend in anyway. if your team sucks at pushing enemy then mercy ult is sort of useless. i still hate the fact that it depends on her team and how they play for her ult to be impactful or not. That’s a problem in my eyes.

Just a funfact: currently on Weekly the only rank with “positive” winrate is Diamond (50.23%).

Usually the winrate goes up the higher the tier is.

mercy’s winrate is dropping because ana is viable again.

relying on your team is part of playing support. Does nano not rely on another player?

Again, if I don’t see this coming from bad game sense, then yeah, I’ll probably die. But otherwise, I can duck behind anything before McCree gets that red skull.

If you’re too far away you don’t do anything for the team and if you’re too close you’ll be shot down.

Not as easy as you’re making it