🛡 "What's going on?" - Every Reinhardt Main Ever

wow, that physically hurts me lmao…this is just…sad…also, day number what? that there’s no answer…they really keep giving people less and less reasons to play tanks, as if you guys aren’t rare enough as it is =_=

That’s true, I fail to find any reason to play Overwatch now. It’s a shame really, especially since I spent so many hours and had so many enjoyable memories.

We lost count at this point.


h ttps://imgur.com/a/MBn6xQ7
I think I’m getting the hang of this.
You don’t need to hold up your shield if the whole of the enemy team is dead. :man_shrugging:

This, THIS!!
This happened to me in a comp game, the enemy team was about to push the payload to the final checkpoint and I had shatter, 4 of the enemies were right in front of me With no shield or protection, I went to shatter and guess what!! I got turned 180degrees and shattered a wall behind me… kms, I haven’t played over watch properly in 3 weeks because it’s just not fun anymore


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Meanwhile, a Wrecking Ball thread got a near-immediate reply.

I’m actually quite irritated by this :triumph:


As long as Mr. Kaplan is now doing the rounds and responding to things that deserve responses I am not exactly perturbed.

If we must wait more then a week to hear from Mr. Kaplan, I am sad to say that I may never actually see the response because I will have given up on Overwatch.

To the man himself.

Mr. Jeff Kaplan,

Thank you for taking time to read and respond to a concern about Wreckingball (Hammond). We Reinhardt die hard players would absolutely love if you could shine light on the situation/s we are currently experiencing. Thank you.

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From other game communities ive been in, this kind of behavior is not new to devs, what worries me is that every single time a dev team behaves in the manner blizzard is rn with rein, shows something extremely bs is coming 99% likely. When devs dont bring acknowledgement to problems even when theres proof/tons of feedback/threads, usually not a good sign. Good example of bad communication before very bad updates is hi-rez in paladins, ob60-ob63 was very bad and ob64-ob66 almost killed the game.


Here for my daily bumping contribution.


This thread has been active every day for three weeks now, and has over 600 replays and yet there’s still no response. But another topic about Hammond got an instant reply from Jeff himself, literally the first reply. This behavior is unacceptable, and we as customers are offended. We’re not asking for much here, just a developer comment. This is not even the first thread discussing this problem…

Don’t even let me start with that Torbjorn’s arm topic.


i said this in response to the god awful Mercy threads…I kinda get why they’d rather reply to random threads like the one about Torb’s arm or “what’s your fav color” or random stuff like than instead of balance changes cause…saying anything about balance can cause a s… storm…

but this isn’t like that, this is about bugs…just let people know if this was intended or at least what the hell you’re doing atm…even a tiny response would be nice…idk how they didn’t learn from the genji deflect [mega] thread time…like, ever since they said “yeah, we’ll work on making it more fair” people have stopped being as salty as usual…even tho it took them a while to implement it…

just…just communicate with your player base, at least a bit, it means a lot…also, bump i guess~


The Hammond topic was discussing the possibility of a buff to him, it falls under the category of balancing I suppose.


that’s also what’s annoying…i mean, idk why they avoid this thread or anything related just…just at least let us know you’re aware of what’s going on, it’s not that hard, is it?


I’m not trying to act entitled in anyway, but out of all the heroes that deserve the quickest response from the developers, Reinhardt is top on the list. He’s had 2+ year old problems.


It is not being entitled to want a character that has been getting worse and worse every single patch to be fixed, and it is not being entitled to want answers as to why blizzard has allowed the earthshatter changes to go through with NO COMMENT, and the multiple changes to reins kit with half of his animation cancels being gone, and shield toggling being extremely clunky now, but man, we really needed to know about that insignia change.

We are not entitled, we paid for this game, we have made multiple topics about the characters problems ever since the last patch went to live, and no word on it. But man, hammond topic got a reply instantly, and torbjorns arm lore got resolved, how fantastic.

At this point, its clear to me that they are doing something insanely bs to rein that we will be seeing very soon, hence why there is no communication or anything from blizzard regarding his earthshatter change as well as the numerous problems with reins kit since the update. This kind of communication has happened in other games with devs right before something insanely bad for the game happened, best example is hi-rez with ob60-ob63 before ob64 which almost killed paladins.


I really hope they don’t make it any worse. Not sure why they want to keep lowering the skill floor on certain heroes.

99% of the time when devs do this kind of behavior they do very bad soon after.

Make it worse? Is that possible at this point?

Oh wait, you are not talking about Rein, but about the whole game… Is it possible at this point, tho? I cannot imagine what can be worse than the continuous smurfing, the throwers, the horrible matchmaking, the “balance”, and the bugs x)


oh, no, they definitely could make it worse for reinhardt. Directly as well as indirectly. More cc would make it worse for reinhardt indirectly, doing more things to his kit in a bad manner like the es change and animation cancel removals and the shield toggle change, so yea. They could easily make it worse

And trust me, yes it is definitely possible, CC will be the root of it i theorize

Well maybe this thread would be noticed if Mercy spam wasn’t 70% of the front page.

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