What will supports look like in Overwatch 2?

I’m pretty sure that translates into “no, I won’t discuss dps today.”

Please don’t push him, it’s rude.


Thanks for so much insight, AndyB. Since we’re on the topic of supports, is there any talk of changing current dps heroes to the support role?

This self aggrandizement is very embarrassing and misplaced


Hello I have 1 last question about OW2

The June 22nd update the option to pick your region from the launcher became a pointless feature as we’re now put in our closest region and now people who play alone cannot pick their preferred region (something I used a lot as I preferred to play on NA region)

Is there a chance a feature will be added into OW2 where we can pick which region we want to queue for?

I am not the only one who would like to see the feature returned, I get told by people all the time to “buy a VPN” and I don’t think that is fair.


yes, you’re right :sweat_smile:
but you know, when a hero changes classes … I’m not totally inopportune with the question :rofl: but you’re right :hugs:

On paper, Discord is theoretically weaker with 1 fewer person per team benefiting from the debuff. Thus far in our playtests, Mercy’s Damage Boost hasn’t shown any major issues. That said, there’s still a chance we end up tuning both Discord and Damage Boost down, if we see they’re causing issues in further testing.


When you throw out thousands of ideas just by sheer numbers alone you’ll probably have “right” ideas more often than most.

But the ratio of wrong:right? :laughing:


oh, that’s interesting.

speaking of powerful malus, I think that in addition to Brigitte’s stunning it is impossible not to look for a moment what the immortality field or the biotic granade are like. is their analysis hard? I mean, maybe you are trying some temporal or functional limitations or improvements to review their potential on the battlefield for a moment?

Do you also have a link for all the times you were wrong? just to compare :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean a broken clock is right twice a day.

If someone posts balance opinions at that rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if they get it statistically right from time to time.


Dude just posts common sense stuff and acts like he’s a prophetic God or the devs take notes from him. If he’d shut up about it it’d be way less obnoxious. I don’t post every three seconds about the stuff I’m right about cuz I do not care and it does not matter.


Mercy’s current Damage Boost number makes playing the game super awful, no matter the role. Really hope you guys powershift her from being a pocket / res accessory and enabling spam damage being more powerful than it already is for OW2. Certain damage heroes even got nerfed because of it.

Wow wow, let’s not be rude with someone else’s hobby or interests lol.

I just hope he is wrong on his Brig approach xD

Speaking of Mercy’s damage boost…

A few patches back (when Baptiste was added to the game), a blanket change was made to all damage boosting mechanics - it changed the point at which the game checked for damage boost from the moment an attack landed, to the moment an attack was fired.

I’m not sure if the devs are aware of this, but this had a big impact on Mercy.

Part of mastering Mercy before that point involved tracking your team’s projectiles, and flickering Mercy’s boost onto them right before their attack landed (whenever possible). It was a tricky but really enjoyable way to optimize both of Mercy’s beams via rapid beam juggling between healing and damage boost.

Now that Mercy’s damage boost only applies if she was already boosting the target when an attack is fired, it’s pushed Mercy towards the less fun “pocketing” playstyle.

Could Mercy please be allowed to damage boost airborne projectiles again?


So basically, all the nerfs which turned Mei into a clunky mess last year were inspired from you… + the Hog changes
I hope you are wrong about Mei’s changes at least this one time then

Don’t give him too much credit. The forums community is not why Mei sucks rn. And is not the forums community that will transform her on an Ice based hero that doesn’t freeze things. Those are the devs.

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The goal there was to nerf her out of GM/OWL while still maintaining her playstyle.

Clearly, what with 5v5 coming up, compositions were too durable to let that happen.

But instead of getting rid of “basically an offtank but not in the Tank role”, they are getting rid of offtanks.

If anything “basically an offtank” is gonna be a really in-demand hero choice in OW2.

well, devs should apply the “iconic” aspect when they rebalance heroes (mainly their cc aspects) to each one of them and not treat some with less respect than the others, IMO
saying lucio can keep his boop because its iconic, yet mei loses freeze because … reasons, is just weird bias balance
though, i don’t necesarily wish for freeze as her primary, she can work with it as a skillshot… but she needs some kind of cc too, if you get what i mean

Those changes put her usage on OWL on the second half of most used heroes (17th most used or around there) but killed her on ladder


Yeap, I get it, and I’m on the same boat but with Brig.

They are removing her armor and her stun, 2 iconic parts of her. If whats she gets is “she does more damage” or “she has more life so she can do more damage”, I’m out of OW2.

(They are not giving her more healing based on their overall comments that there is too much healing).

It’s like if tomorrow they said, “we are removing Tracers recall and reducing her blinks to 2, but now she does more damage”. That will just make the character a lot less interesting to the point of being boring. Although I don’t think they will ever do anything remotely like that to the popular characters.


Lucio’s boop isn’t a hard CC like freeze. I haven’t heard much at all about removing knockback, and with the tank passive I don’t think knockback will be nearly as much of an issue as its been in the past. Freeze in 5v5 could be gross though.

You’re not wrong, but it only upsets one side of the equation, and being upset won’t change anything for the positive, so if we’re going to be in this relationship, might as well accept them for what they are and not spent the emotional energy wondering why they’re not what we’d like them to be.