What Role Do Y'all Main?

Primarily Damage, but Tank is a secondary role… however I’m heavily considering just dropping Tank it’s not fun anymore

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I only play quickplay classic so I play literally everything nowadays and flex

if I had to be locked into one though, damage since my best heroes are Pharah and Ashe

Support. I’d tank if the role wasn’t so miserable :c

Tank, I main winston zarya, a bit more d.va nowadays and less sigma.

I’ve also started playing a bit more dps, echo is my go to pick although I like mei and sym too

I like playing support and tank the most, but I think it’s just an efficacy thing. I’m not BAD at DPS. I just feel way more confident on the other roles.

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Used to play everything, but group always needed a support. So a support main now. Play everything but Mercy. Can’t get into her playstyle.

I like playing all the roles, tbh.
I have like 450 hours on tank, 400 on dps and 350 on support

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Play doomfist and you’ll cry

Support because everyone always needed a healer, my friends always needed healer so eventually I just play healer

Though I’m Moira main because I like to hurt people too, oh also she reminds me of Medic from TF2, especially in her Scientist skin :sunglasses:

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DPS role. I don’t dislike other roles but I dislike farming tickets.

Every role although I used to main DPS.

I’m usually maining the support role, which I don’t mind since I like playing Ana, not overly fond of the other support heroes, except maybe Baptiste.

Support. I’ve honestly never queued up for flex a day in my life, because I’ve never found the need for priority passes. My queue times in quick play are always fast since I literally only ever play support.

Hey, is AndyB ok? They have vanished, and people are starting to get worried (like me)


I don’t specialize in a role, I only play heroes I like and don’t switch unless they’re taken.

My hero pool is just Sym and Moira now (even if I’m hard countered/ “the issue” ). I refuse to play Mercy, Tracer, Mei, hitscans, Torb, Ana and Brig. And I know how to play those heroes well enough to match my one tricked heroes if I took the time to lose the rust.

I don’t blame anyone who puts me on their avoid list. Some maps/comps basically forces you to carry me. But I aint switchin.

He told us Jodie (or was it Molly? Bad with names sorry) was basically going to handle 90% of the communication with us from now on. I think Jodie/Molly writes the patch notes now.

In normal Overwatch, support. In FFA OW, dps.

AndyB is completely fine! I’ll let him know you asked. :blush:


Ok thanks so much! You know we love our community manager peeps.


I just picked up D.va this season. Literally played her for the first time.

Now I get it. Why switch when you could just play more D.va? I’m not excited about 5v5 with her though. Every move they make seems to be designed to eliminate gameplay I enjoy.

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