What Role Do Y'all Main?

Just to see something.

Support Mostly moira but I play zen, bap, brig,mercy and a little bit of Lucio

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support mainly
tank second
dps is my last choice if i wanna play echo it sym

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I used to main support but now I main tank :two_hearts:

lately i been playing sombra a bunch. sometimes i feel useless but other times i feel like i contributed lol

it is fun rendering people usless like hammond, doom and tanks. i do pity the sigs and reins i get killed after hacking them

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I’m guessing your a flex player based on your post

only for PP’s if you mean the flex role


I mean just a flex player so plays all roles

nah just dps and support. dont know how people can main tank only. someone has to do it i guess… not me

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DPS (Sombra/Mei)

I would support for friends, but most of them don’t play anymore.

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I tend to only play Vs AI so take that into consideration.

But I usually end up filling as tank since no one else likes playing them apparently. It can actually be kinda fun leading a team of noobs to victory as Sigma.


But DPS than Tank being second but thinking about not playing Tank anymore

DPS. Hardstuck mei main :snowman_with_snow::snowflake:


Tank-biased flex, though I don’t play much support outside of bap

I just play whatever role Im feeling at the moment. I dont stick to one role.

Dva is my main go to but I also dont like “tanking” so it contradicts :joy::joy:

I usually prefering playing dps or support. If I tank its dva or zarya.

used to flex mostly between Tank and support basically always picking the flex option even with full flex tickets…
But to hell with that now i am going 100% dps because i am done lowering DPS queue times!

even being bribed by daily vanilla loot boxes is not worth it! i refuse!
Tank is no longer fun and its the DPS mains fault for nagging constantly for nerfs!

and they are gonna force us to solo tank… (come ow2) so i quit!

Projectile/Flex DPS.