What Role Do Y'all Main?

support/mercy not because she fun but she gives me free sr for no effort

I originally mained tracer when I first started playing this game. So in my heart, I main DPS (primarily tracer and widowmaker). But in reality, I main support because of DPS queue.

For me it’s dps and support.

Dva only

I pray for my teammates come 5v5, no switching from me

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DPS and Support pretty equally, depending on my mood. I tend to start the season playing DPS exclusively and then shift more toward support about halfway through.

Better way to describe me is a Pharah/Zenyatta main.

I only tank every once in a while for priority passes, but I won’t use a priority pass half the time anyway (because I write while sitting in queue so I don’t mind the extra time). I’d rather wait 10+ minutes than play tank.

What if they release D.Mon?

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Mercy is fun don’t come for her smh

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Used to be a hard tank main with some doom, but in the last year Ive been playing a lot of support, particularly brig and bap. Theyre infinitely so much more fun to play than doom lol

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Ah, well, yes, there is that :slight_smile:

Doom is pretty painful to play. Could I interest you in some Mei or Sombra? they are fun on a stick, but the queue times can be a bit aggravating.

Well worth it though :slight_smile: - you will laugh and laugh all game, great fun.

Bap has a lot of ranged damage to pop off with and carry, especially when he has window and selfishly drones. Brig is super fun to just deny tracer, genji, doom, and reaper from ever touching your other support, and go for aggressive plays with whip shot and shield bash

I would, but 15 minute queues deny me that. Mei is definitely super underrated and fun, and mei/sombra are my go-to’s if doom isn’t working

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Primarily Damage, but Tank is a secondary role… however I’m heavily considering just dropping Tank it’s not fun anymore

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I only play quickplay classic so I play literally everything nowadays and flex

if I had to be locked into one though, damage since my best heroes are Pharah and Ashe

Support. I’d tank if the role wasn’t so miserable :c

Tank, I main winston zarya, a bit more d.va nowadays and less sigma.

I’ve also started playing a bit more dps, echo is my go to pick although I like mei and sym too

I like playing support and tank the most, but I think it’s just an efficacy thing. I’m not BAD at DPS. I just feel way more confident on the other roles.

:muscle: :triumph:


Used to play everything, but group always needed a support. So a support main now. Play everything but Mercy. Can’t get into her playstyle.

I like playing all the roles, tbh.
I have like 450 hours on tank, 400 on dps and 350 on support

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Play doomfist and you’ll cry

Support because everyone always needed a healer, my friends always needed healer so eventually I just play healer

Though I’m Moira main because I like to hurt people too, oh also she reminds me of Medic from TF2, especially in her Scientist skin :sunglasses:

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