What people don't get about Mercy mains complaining

is she a must pick? because she’s op or people have played her a lot because she is well designed and fun to play? if she’s not op, discouraging people from playing her by nerfing her below other heroes is just kind of lowers one good thing so it doesn’t stand out. if she is op, there was a time when she wasn’t and people still picked her especially in competitive.

Being underpowered is also an issue, there was no way to balance mass rez without it being one or the other.

The point is to ensure she is used in higher levels of play, without being a must pick. The previous Mercy does not fit that requirement.

Sure there was, they just didn’t try to. They decided “nope, we’re just gonna go ahead and ruin everything now with a rework no one asked for”.

You’re only going based on what was put out, you’re not considering all the internal testing done before a choice was made to place it on Ptr. If they tried things they felt as a whole wasn’t good for the game then there’s nothing to be done about it.

Seriously what is with this revisionist history that mass rez was always OP? If anything it didn’t even become strong until invincibility was added.

That entire argument is based on a players feelings. Which is subjective. In your described situation the player has chosen to main a hero they don’t find fun and then suddenly it is the developers fault how that player feels. I get that you want to have fun on that hero and you used to. But that is your problem to deal with if the developers decided the changes are not going away.

merrcy has big issues, to 1 side her design and kit makes her too good compared to other supports. the healing/damage boost is too consistent.
on the other hand mercy has an ability called rezz which is either to unfun to play with or it is too strong or underpowered.

mercy has a playable character is so flawed even more so if you consider that they might add new characters but mercy should be seen as the go to healer.

Heres what I don’t get about this argument. You say you feel like a healbot? That you just stand behind the team and beam while they fight and don’t do anything dynamic?

That is Mercy’s core playstyle.

That has always been Mercy’s core playstyle.

Were you just playing her for rez before? That sounds like a pretty unhealthy reason to play a hero, just for her ult. If the rest of her play sounds boring, well, that’s what everyone else thinks about Mercy too.

Don’t generalize the Mercy community. Most Mercy players with actual brain tissue left in their brains would know that current Mercy is a rez bot.

Wait, did you just compare mercy mains complaining about a 10hps nerf to black people fighting for their civil rights?

I just can’t with these forums anymore. I’m done. Actually.


Only difference is that black people got what they wanted.

Ah yes, the ol ‘Ermagerd, everyone’s too triggered all the time, SJW’s are ruining everything, but HOW DARE YOU-’ chestnut. Good counterargument, totally works!

Maybe if they actually tested things on public test reaml instead of just assuming they know what players want without communicating with them, the whole mess could have been avoided in the first place. :woman_shrugging:

Mercy’s consistency is not problematic or a design flaw. The consistency of her healing is compensated for with a lower output than other main healers, and her damage boost is a tradeoff for lacking direct damage contribution.

Mass rez was never OP. Lacking counterplay? Sure, to an extent, but only because of the invulnerability. Before that was added, it was underpowered. They could and should have simply removed the invulnerability and explored other tweaks from there.

I mean, let’s not compare the systematic and brutal historic oppression of black people to mercy mains…

A lot of people died. I’d say there’s more than just one difference

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My heart died? Does that count? I’m joking. Ignore me

“What people don’t get about Mercy mains complaining”

Nah, people just know that Mercy mains complain a lot so they’ve stopped really listening to the complaints and have kind of just wanted Mercy mains to stop complaining all the time.

Whether theyve got a good reason to complain or not, after seeing complaint thread #27842784298429872489, people stop sympathizing and start hating (more than they already did).

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no worries I was just checking because if someone was actually serious about this… hoo boy

And I keep complaining about how bugged Rein is and how he needs fixing, but most Mercy mains don’t seem to care when a character is actually unplayable.

Yes I’m angry.