What lore questions do you have?


I, for one, am curious about what Sombra’s IQ is! :open_mouth:

What questions do you have?


I would love to see how Genji ran into Zenyatta and how he transitioned into a cyborg ninja :slight_smile:


I want to see what Hammond does next. I think he has some cool potential but needs to be fleshed out a bit more.

Plus, I love playing him.


The contents of Junkrat’s treasure and the beauty that lies under Roadhog’s mask


I’m not sure if this is a question? I guess it could be…

I’d love to know what other “experiments” Moira done on people and would love to see some more of her work.


I lowkey hope the Junker Queen assigned him to bounty hunt the rat and hog.


What role does Echo play in the lore exactly


I have this feeling Hog is deformed under the mask thanks to nuclear radiation. As I recall, he was one of the original Australians fighting the omnics and trying to get rid of them from the continent. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got a bit more effected by it than some others did.

I also picture him as kind of… sad under the mask? I’m not entirely sure why.


When are you actually going to make lore? Far too little has happened for how old this game is.


That would be a cool twist in his story. He’s proven himself to be the best, and he’s just doing this for fun and adventure. The next step? Be a bounty hunter. Get to continue the adventure while chasing down two wanted criminals AND explore the world?

Seems like it would fit his character while keeping it with the style of the rest of the world. I dig it.


I’d imagine him as deformed, but I have a hard time imaging just how bad. For example, he has to have a nose because he snorts. You need the upper part at least from what I’d imagine


My lore question is when will the “lore big reveals” not be some character coming out. It’s really lazy and it needs to stop.


My question is “where is it?”.


He could potentially have some sort of growth (s) on his face, nose could also still be misshapen or malformed. Could actually ironically look more like a pig’s nose / snout.

It would explain why he has the whole pig motif, and the mask could be more practical than just for show if it’s meant to hide just how bad his nose / face is. Skin could also be discolored or really there’s a number of possibilities.

… new unmasked roadhog skin,please and thank you Blizzard.


Who tf named Ganymede


… That’s… a good question, considering Bastion only speaks in beeps and boops.


Assuming Bastion, some of the lobby interactions he has sort of imply the OW characters can actually understand him. Though they’re kind of vague and we could use something outright saying if they can or can not.


You know, this is going to sound weird. But whenever I’m with my baby sister and she start wailing or crying, or making silly baby noises, I just pretend we’re having a conversation I can understand.

I always kind of viewed those interactions a bit like that, even though that’s almost certainly not the case haha!


My lore question is simple
Where is lore for whole main cast?


I have 3 questions about OW’s lore:
–Can Mercy really rez?
–What Jeff does in the OW universe (he is canon, there is a picture of him in a TV screen in one of Ash’s images)
–Is Reaper a brony?