What lore questions do you have?


Does soldier 76 have a thing for guys with a darker skin tone cause Vincent looks mixed race and we all know about his fixation with Reyes


Who is Zenyatta?
What is Zenyatta?
Where is Zenyatta?
Why is Zenyatta?

These are the questions that keep me up at night.


Apparently Zenyatta was an outcast monk with forbidden knowledge (according to Junkenstein’s revenge voicelines) I have some questions about Zenyatta, and omnic monks in general…

  • What is this forbidden knowledge bit referring to?
  • How do the monks float? Apparently echo can float too - is this an omnic tech thing?
  • If monks float, then why didn’t Mondatta? Can he do it and was just trying to appear more human?
  • What are Zen’s orbs supposed made of? Is it related to hard light?


Where is it all?!! :frowning:


tbh, they could make a whole separate story on Genji’s life and his adventures with Zenyatta. :smiley:
I’d read it!


Is any of the heroes straight? :smiley:


Ana is straight!
Torb is straight!
I’ll bet Mei is straight!
And Reaper better be straight! :rage: :kissing_closed_eyes:


All of them can be bi. Solider too. We only know Tracer is a lesbian. :slight_smile:


If that’s your headcanon, I’m not judging! :heart:


Incorrect Chu confirmed on twitter that Soldier is a goldstar gay no interest in snooches what so ever


Wait didn’t he have a thing with Ana or was that just fan speculation?


What is happening in Rio?

Who gave Soldier his info? (maybe Sombra)

How did McCree know where to find Echo? (again maybe Sombra)

What was Echo’s job in Overwatch?

What is Junk’s treasure?

What made Ana and Sam split?

Who leads the Shimada clan now? (maybe elders)

What does Hog’s face look like?

What happened in Prague?

Why did Jack think having Rein go stealth was a good idea?


Speculation. he dont like tacos only kielbasa


What happened to all the good lore back when Overwatch came out?


d-don’t discriminate!
a big boy can be stealthy too you know :triumph:
(but when did this happen? im not very lore-informed lul.)


Ana and Jack talked about it in the short story.

Don’t get me wrong he can be stealthy sometimes, but he walks around in power armor and has a naturally loud voice


Legit LOL-ing right now


i wanna know if symmetra is realising that vishkar is actually bad.


hit or miss
I guess they never miss huh
you gotta reaper
I bet he never kiss yuh
he be boning s76 YUH


Lucio and Symmetra fighting anime style cutting buildings in half with light and shattering glass with sound.

He consulted an ancient deity known as the great Go’oglé

If she can float she can have GPS installed mmk?

She kept the cola cold why else would she be in a pod with refrigeration


I know they say never blame the kids but… Pharah

The lower pieces of Genji that got cut off also got a cyborg body it now leads them

Handsome thats why he’s junkrats treasure

They had a party and Reyes threw up in the punch bowl it was awkward

He makes poor choices.