What is your incentive to play?


I would really like to know what keeps people logging on to this game.
I personally have not touched it in almost a month, but i’m curious why others play.


i play because my wife loves the pink skins. they have been releasing alot of them lately… im starting to suspect some bulllshiiit


I have fun


I like hitting people with a giant mechanical fist.


I like collecting skins for my favorite heroes.


I have fun playing with friends. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not a happy person and when I play video games I can forget that for a while.


Fun… It’s a video GAME…


I find it fun.

Simple as that.


i want to finish in top500 for at least one season


decay :upside_down_face:


I have fun just solo queuing as support in QP and unlocking new skins every event. I still play daily.

  • Getting better: This is the first FPS that I’m actually able to play competently. I’m always striving to improve, whether it’s towards the goal able to play Widow and Ana reliably in comp, upping my main tank game, or just being a flex player
  • Lootboxes: those event skins aren’t cheap
  • Teamwork/social aspect: Being mic’d up and collaborating with people to win is huge. It’s kinda like those pickup basketball games. I don’t get that in the other games I play. I met some good and sometimes not so good people. Either way, it bring a lot of replay value.
  • Constant updates: 3 years in and the game is still getting updates. 9 new characters, bunch of maps, workshop, replay mode that is coming soon


Ultimately, the story, the easter eggs alluding to the stories, and, especially, the pve events. More and more, I just log in for the special events.

Since January, I’ve been playing RDR, RDR2, Spider-Man (2018), and Horizon Zero Dawn a lot more than I’ve been playing Overwatch.


I have fun playing with my brothers


I am in bad health condition, so i need to play a game like this to be concentrated by hours and not thinking about my life



as much as i critizise OW, i still like the game, thats why im so critical of it


meh, im bored and there isnt another game that piques my interest yet. UT4 would’ve been it but Epic, as usual, dropped the ball on it to focus on fortnight and gears… im not spending half as much time as i did last year. im guessing that by the end of this year, i wont be playing it at all …


I honestly couldn’t tell you. I really don’t know why I play this game.


I play bfor one thing and one thing only, to make that SR go up, i dont care about fun or feeling i juat want to win and SR go up and get better ranks