What is the reason why Hanzo can melt tanks?

He already has leap where he can get away from dive tanks, why is he able to MELT them with storm arrow as well? Widow and Ashe have escape abilities too, but why is Hanzo able to melt them on top of this? How is this fair to tanks and the other snipers?


If you know he will do this why are you not countering him with your abilities.
Defense matrix? Winston bubble? Adaptive shield?
If you don’t have these and he has storm arrow. Don’t dive him.


He shouldn’t. Hanzo & Echo have too much burst against tanks. Both should be toned down.


I wasn’t asking for advice I’m asking how it’s fair that he gets 2 options to counter tanks whereas the others only get 1; if Ashe or Widow mess up their escape options they’re more than likely dead, whereas Hanzo has an escape AND something that will either melt a shield or their hp.


You really gonna compare lunge to grapple hook and coach gun?

It’s fair because hanzo has to play as close as Ashe if not closer to hit consistent shots and so is easier to dive. Then on top of that his mobility it limited by walls and a small hop.
He then has storm arrows which is his defense, which is counterable. You can’t exactly deny grapple hook or coach gun’s mobility. You can deny storm arrow.


No, but I’m going to compare lunge AND wall climb with grapple hook and coach gun, in which case Widow and Ashe still come out worse off than he does. “You can deny storm arrow” Until what? Until the Winston bubble is broken or Defense matrix is down and he can 2 shot you with your massive crit box and ridiculous rate of fire up close?


1 shot per second…

So instantly going one direction at a good length, and knocking yourself and your oponent back, comparable to a short leap and climbing a wall?

There’s no wall to climb if you’re already on highground and the short leap is useful but nowhere near as good.

And like I said, Hanzo stands closer to your team than Ashe and Widow so you use less resources to reach him anyway.

Yes, exactly, you denied the damage. Storm arrow isn’t enough to break winston bubble, and casting all 5 storm arrows take the time of half defense matrix.
And if a Hanzo double crits you even on tank in close range then he’s playing well. But like I said your defenses should not be dead.

And if you want to go “but someone else will break my barrier too!”, then why are you diving alone, their teamwork is simply better than yours in that case.

Simply put Hanzo stands closer than the others you’re comparing him to and so has the tools to allow him to do so. His resources cannot beat your defensive ones without help. And getting double crit outside of storm arrow should not happen unless you suck and stand still for whatever reason.


to be a bit fair tho, last I checked widow can 2~3HKO tanks via headshots atm (well for 2 headshots mostly and the last shot could be done via melee, smg or another charged shot depending on the tank).

None of your points make sense because you’re picturing a situation in which the dive tanks have all the advantage AND playing it stupid with the notion that a Hanzo has to be ‘playing well’ to hit his 2 shot crits, I’m sorry but no matter how ‘good’ the dive tanks plays in that situation the Hanzo will almost always have the advantage. If the Hanzo lunges out of the way he’s out of Winston’s tesla cannon range, in which he can either stay in his bubble until storm arrow destroys it, in which case Hanzo is free to go to town on the Hanzo, because god forbid the winston goes for the kill and shoves his critbox in the Hanzo’s face. OR he can retreat backwards with both of his abilities on cooldown leaving him extremely vulnerable; both of these cases of suboptimal, and the reason I use Winston instead of Dva or Ball is because before Hanzo’s rework Winston hard countered Hanzo, NO ONE hard counters him now, which is bullsht.


Because they do have the advantage. Tanks are the best duelists in the game.
And Hanzo does have to be playing well to land two headshots in a row? I don’t know why that’s disputed?
And I’m also telling you how a tank should be playing. You seem to think dumb tanks should just win against hanzo.

Ok cool. that’s the intended purpose. Do you think Hanzo should just have no counterplay or?

Storm arrow can not destroy winston bubble. It can do half it’s HP. And it would then take 3 more shots to kill resulting in a cooldown and 4s total to destroy the bubble. Winston can kill Hanzo in that time provided he couldn’t get away.

So in this scenario you could land on hanzo, make him lunge, then approach and use bubble. You don’t have to use it instantly.

Or in the scenario Winston’s bubble breaks faster than that, Hanzo had help, and it’s a 2v1.

Don’t do that then. Play smarter. Track Hanzo’s cooldowns, dive other targets, play with a D.Va or another diver.

Hanzo is countered by dive. Much like McCree does not have the resources to deal with a dive once isolated.

If this becomes the case, you shouldn’t have taken the fight and your timing was terrible or you didn’t co-ordinate with your team and have D.Va or Tracer go in with you.

Hard counters are bad for the game anyway. Minimsing them is good.
But regardless, tanks do counter hanzo.
Minimal hard counters =/= no counters.

Legit just dive him with a teammate =dead or no value.

If he has a healer with him? Isolate and dive that target instead.

Hanzo is not immortal and having an edge vs tanks is not the same as always winning.


Because Hanzo is related to Genji.


They just love Tank busters.


he is allowed to melt tanks because no one wants to play the actual tank buster heros like bastion, junkrat and reaper, and jump and shoot weeb man is more popular, so they had to pander to the DPS complainers and let him delete anything he wants any time he wants and be anywhere he wants while doing it


All DPS heroes can do that. Except Symmetra lol

I’m sorry but no matter how ‘good’ the dive tanks plays in that situation the Hanzo will almost always have the advantage

Diva and Winston both stronger than Hanzo in 1v1 lol

In fact, there are only few heroes that Winston and Diva cant 1v1

I will say this: Widow and Ashe have to use their relatively-long CD escape move to get to highground, which means that merely forcing them off the highground denies a lot of value, and if you dive them right when they get up there, they won’t have any escape.

There is a distinct advantage in Hanzo having the ability to get to highground without burning his escape. Though Ashe’s and Widow’s are much better, Hanzo’s ability to spam his on lower CD and to get to highground without using his escape are distinct advantages.

And I agree with the gist of the poster, Hanzo’s ability to do 425 damage in one second is excessive.


Well, originally Hanzo had an ability called Scatter Arrow which could one shot many tanks. To get away from that, they replaced it with Storm Arrow, which still allows him to devastate tanks, but now takes multiple shots.

Which is better I guess? shrugs

Hitting two headshots on Winston from less than 10 feet away isn’t hard.


Hanzo I am convinced is some favorite of Geoff Goodman’s. Dude snipes, shield breaks, and tank-busts all in one. And the skill needed for it is abysmally low. It’s one of life’s great mysteries that this kit is not reworked completely.



Hanzo shouldn’t be cutting Winston’s health pool in half with a single shot. It doesn’t really matter how you engage the hero as a dive tank. With an inkling of peel he can just delete you.

OP is pointing out that comparable heroes such as Widow and Ashe only have the option to escape the dive, not escape it and then punish it.

The devs have no idea what he is. Is he a duelist? Is he a counter sniper? Is he a tank buster? Try all the above. That’s the problem.


No other hero in the game feels as uncomfortable to face as Hanzo, with his wonky arrows.


You both say “he does too much damage to tanks”.
Then don’t consider that that damage can be negated.
Storm arrows is half a winston barrier. Requiring 3 follow up shots.

Hanzo’s arcing projectiles force him to stand closer to the fight, he is not hard to reach.

You can in fact contrary to popular belief, block some of hanzo’s damage. he does not get free value for shooting at you if you actually anticipate his damage.

You should know Hanzo will use these abilities when you land so you should either be using teamwork to co-ordinate a dive he can’t escape, manage your cooldowns effectively to turn the fight in your favour, or wait until hanzo uses these cooldowns himself to then engage him.

He doesn’t have them up 24/7 you will get an opportunity to dive him. if not, dive another target.

If Hanzo has peel, make sure you aren’t engaging into a 2v1. If you anticipate he will be peeled, bring a teammate, tracer d.va genji.

Why not, he hit the headshot. You didn’t block it, and no teammate blocked it.

Then it’s a 2v1 isn’t and perhaps you shouldn’t have engaged into that.

yes because they can play further away then Hanzo. They take more resources to reach and then you can kill them. If they had the ability to punish they’d win every time.

Hanzo takes less resources to reach, and then you enter a duel with both of you with more resources.

Or just that he’s a midrange projectile sniper. And as such has an ability that lets him deal quite a bit of damage due to the range he plays at?