What is the point of ranking?

If you can lose 1000 SR just because of some mid-season patch and developers don’t even care?

No response from devs. Really, I don’t see any point.

It was used as an indication of skill in OW1. In OW2 it’s fake, just a pretty icon to grind back each season. Your real skill level is MMR, which is hidden from you as well as everybody else. So to answer your question, there isn’t any.

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My rank keeps going back to gold 1. I was plat 4, and I thought I dropped to gold 1 because i abandonded 2 matches. Climbed back to plat 5, and after the doom one punch update I won the 5 matches with 3 loss, and I suddenly got placed in gold 5 again.

Why would I spend so much time just to be placed back to gold 1 again and again? I will not play this game nor spend any money here. What a way to crap on your player base.

No no, I’m talking not about rank update after 5 wins. Rank was updated just because I restarted the game client. And chain of 4 wins was not reset - still 1 win to update the rank.

What you (and basically the entire community) fail to understand is, ranking is really about figuring out where you belong on the ladder, practicing, and coming back later after you’ve improved…

Games aren’t really designed this way anymore though, so I can understand how people might lose proper perspective.

What you fail to understand, is that I was in diamond the whole month, then just RESTARTED THE GAME CLIENT, without playing any games, and tier dropped from d2 to plat 2.

Imagine, you just launch your game client and you see your main hero has lost 1 tier.

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You must be new to Overwatch.

Expand your thought.

Same thing happened to me.