What if they removed Valkyrie?

To be fair, the job description is support. I know, I know, but zen carry whatever but real talk: you pick support, you pick a side kick. Of all of them, Mercy is the most “side kick”

You could have a carry support or 2 to swap to when mercy isn’t cutting it.

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I never feel this way with any other support though - with Ana I get the clutch sleeps and nades, with Moira I get the kills and Coalescence, with Lucio the boops and the barriers…

It’s really only Mercy I feel this way, and that’s an issue. I used to love her so much… and I just don’t anymore.

Well, they cranked up her reliability when they shed the MEATY immediate impact of rezing 2-3 peeps at once. My recommendation? Either make a team of friends who you can trust to make extremely coordinated plays, cuz that’s where that glitter shines again, or drop mercy. It’s ok to not like a hero after a rework and move on. Sym mains learned that twice. Hell, I’m not playing till I like how junkrat is again.

I’m probably dropping her for Moira primarily (I’ve played more Ana but have to admit to myself I’m a better Moira). It’s just sad to let her go, although I’ve been in the process of doing so almost a year now. Went from a hard-core Mercy main to “please let me pick something other than Mercy”-main. Can’t erase my hours on her though, so people will probably not appreciate me playing anything else.

Ah well, it’s really late were I live and I have to sleep now. Take care!



Get rid of Valkyrie and Resurrect. Replace Resurrect with Pacify:

Replace Valkyrie with 300 HP 15 meter radius AoE burst heals. Excess health becomes temporary shields that diminish at the same rate as Lucio’s ultimate shields.

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Honestly, I’d be down for one of two reworks:

  1. Bring back Mass Rez but give it a 0.50/0.75/1.00 second channel time for each Hero Mercy attempts to Rez.
  2. Just make it an instant solorez with invulnerability but keep the ult charge from Valkyrie so it takes time to build up.
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Just spit ballin here but if anyone still plays (or played) Destiny, you know how warlocks can create area rifts to increase weapon damage or heal anyone inside the rifts. Maybe they can make a clutch over heal or over buff. Team low?, slam your staff down and create a heal rift, can’t win a fight, switch your q and create a damage rift.

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So trans but with the added effect of overheal? What kind of interval are you talking about between bursts?

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Hunny I’m just throwing ideas out. Anything to keep Valkyrie out of the picture.

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That’s fine I just thought it was a really odd suggestion. Especially as IIRC Titanium doesn’t like how Valk is sort of lacking uniqueness so to suggest combining Lucio and Zen ults instead of say Orisa and Zen ults seemed odd.

Personally, I have always been a fan of just reverting Mercy back to having Mass Rez with a more streamlined line of sight fix. I would also want the invulnerability removed from Mercy’s resurrect ultimate. They could do a few things for her E. A split beam ability would work. Pacify as mentioned previously would work. An ability where Mercy can escape would also work. Any of these I would be happy with. If we got Mass rez back I would also want it to charge at around the same interval to her ultimate now, and I’d like my 60 hp/s back :stuck_out_tongue: This puts Mercy back to being a strong healer with a bit of utility, which is ultimately what she lacked in the early days. I think that Mass rez is looked at in an extremely negative light particularly when Mercy had the invulnerability, however, prior to that, the ability was far from busted, and it was really easy to mess up a hold or a push by popping it too soon or too late. Often times, Mass Rez only was used as a tempo rez anyway that had to be earned as opposed to just given to the player on a timer. Just my two cents. :slight_smile: I would also want them to keep the little bunny hop with Guardian Angel, as it is the best thing that they have added to her in a really long time!

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You and I could have a wonderful conversation about mass rez but not on this topic.

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I assume that this is a good thing :slight_smile:

Yup. Not here though, I was about to start but that would sour what has so far been a splendid Mercy topic. Start something and I’ll try to find the topic if you want.

It’s actually what I’ve been suggesting since forever, even got downvoted for it on the old megathread haha.
It’s funny seeing people suggest it now.
But yeah, Mercy is god awful right now, and pretty unplayable (one match i turned around to heal a low hp Hammon and by the time he was around half hp everyone was dead and I couldn’t do anything just because it took so long to heal him up).
So yeah, as I have been for all these months I’ll keep vouching for a rework and to either remove Rez or make it her ult again, single target.
Valk needs to go too, it’s easily the worst feeling ultimate in the game. Probably the only ulti that manages to make you feel powerless.
It can simply go to E as a purely movement ability

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I know you said no Mass Rez but what if and hear me out:

Mass Rez:
1.5 Second Cast Time
Heroes are brought back with 35% Health within a 12 Meter Radius within her Sight.

Please don’t.

That being said, that actually is one of, if not the best mass rez suggestion I’ve seen so far, assuming that reviving peeps at hp THAT low isn’t pointless in a “revived just to die again” kind of way. This is coming from someone who wouldn’t have told you that mass rez could ever be balanced about 10 minutes ago, btw.

So kudos.

I have a thread having a concept on what should be as an E ability. It is basicially a supercharger but with mercy’s staff and targets only 3 people and for 35/hp per second.

I’d say at most it’d be a duo rez since most Mercys never even used res to bring up more than 3 people.

But YES. Please get rid of braindead goose mode.