What if Mercy healed +10 more

Don’t worry, I wasn’t intending on taking it seriously to begin with. Just find it hilarious.

His right click is still projectile after it pops. There is travel time on its pieces.

Mercy “discussion” threads in a nutshell lmao.

Just give up people, trying to act factual against them is futile because no matter what you say they’ll still think they’re in the right and therefore Blizz is forced to act on it. “The others” don’t matter when my fun and my voice is the right one.

Mercy threads are “factual” (or well, Mercy mains think they are), there’s nothing to discuss about “facts”, there’s nothing to discuss.

I’m not talking about balancing the game around gold. These were your words. See what I mean by “the typical forums troll”…

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If those are my words, could you find the quote you’re talking about?

That said, I did think devs want Mercy specifically to be an accessible healer for lower ranks, including Gold.

But I think the game as a whole should be balanced around Diamond.

The thread got 404’ed, I’m pretty sure. But quoting “The game should be balanced around Gold and below, since the majority of players are there”. These were your words, more or less, can’t recreate them perfectly. The main idea is that you said the game should be balanced around gold and below.

Anyways. Mercy is terrible in all ranks except diamond. If we follow this

logic that means Mercy needs some serious working on. Buffing won’t do much as it will push her as Meta again. That’s why we nerfed her 13 times. (+2 side effects). I’m more in for a rework including mass res with LoS/Cast time and some neat E ability. I like the rework idea included in
Titanium’s post but I’m open to hear other ideas, and ofc I will share my comments on it

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Well, if that’s what I wrote, my bad. Because then that’s not what I meant. Must have been a typo.

As for balance,
Any thoughts on these?

What if Mercy healed +10 more - #22 by GreyFalcon-11737

Can’t wait for her new nerf, where she can’t leave spawn.

/s :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

This is… not exactly what I’d like to see as a change. The main input is in the middle of the fight. It is unlikely that any hero, if not a sniper, won’t take any dmg in the teamfight. So her effective healing stays at 50 :confused: What I’d like to see is a more dynamic ult, even if it means 50 hps. If not lets make a compromise and give her 60hps at the cost of Valk’s length being 10-12 seconds instead of 15. It will feel more dynamic this way

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Why though? She’s fine as she is now.

I meant this:


  • Press Q to toggle between chain beams, and focus beams.
  • Focus healing beams have 90 heals per second, heal only one teammate, and the shorter basic beam length.
  • Focus boost beams have 40% damage boost, boost only one teammate, and the shorter basic beam length.

Secondary Ultimate: Resurrect

  • Ult Charge high enough to average 5 ults per game
  • 0.5 second cast time

It used to say #revertmercy at the end. So it still annoys me lol. Doesn’t help that the name is “Revert Mercy” lol

Balancing on the basis of pick rate is a very incomplete way to balance. In diamond-gm Mercy and Brigitte have comparable pick rates. One is the lowest win rate healer by a good margin, and one is the highest. There’s about 6% separating them. Are Mercy and Brigitte in a similar place in terms of balance?

Mercy players aren’t complaining about pick rates. The current pick rates are fine. What we’re complaining about is efficacy (and also play experience).

The data is there, clear as day. Mercy is currently struggling. She’s not powerful enough right now. If this situation persists for a while, she absolutely will need to be more powerful. Now, if this comes in the form of a buff that also has some partially compensating nerfs, then that’s fine. It’s probably for the best, since no one wants to return to the must pick situation again. But it will need to happen. Her current 50 hps is a disaster that’s preventing her from performing her role, and will need to be fixed if the situation stays at it is.

The whole debate feels very frustrating. There’s so many false and misleading claims being put forth. That she’s balanced, that her win rates are going up, etc. When you point out that none of this comports with the current data people either ignore the claim, talk about some less relevant data, or use a motte and bailey defense that more time is needed.

It feels impossible to get someone to honestly admit that there may be cause for concern here. That the current Mercy data doesn’t look great. That it bears careful watching. That in the zeal to get Ana back into the meta, Mercy might have been hit too hard or in a way that warped her character too much. That maybe this was not the ideal solution, and maybe it will need to be revisited in the future.

Just so you know, the picture uses Valkyrie’s old icon.

Well, we’ll have to see where things go.

But winrate is a strange metric. Because it looks more negative when there’s a mirror match, more positive when there’s mismatched healers.

And as we’ve covered before, the biggest contributing factor to low winrates is playing a hero on maps/comps where they are weak. “Maps/Comps where Mercy is weak” is a strange and new concept.

And if both teams pick Mercy on “Maps where Mercy is strong” it makes the winrate look like 50% minus draws.

How about this idea

You keep her the way she is. However

If you valk you can mass rez. It has a cast time like normal rez only a bit longer.
Healing is at 55HPS
If you are zen orbed for heals 50% of that healing goes to your target as well as 55HPS
Mercy pistol does 10% less damage

Win rate is not a strange metric at all. It’s the number one most natural metric, as long as you pay a a little bit of attention to not say silly things or try to apply it in silly cases (like when a character has 16% or 0.01% pick rate). It’s what’s separating Brigitte from Mercy right now, and the two are in very different positions.

When Mercy’s pick rates neared 16%, all matches were mirror matches and Mercy’s win rates were at exactly the tier averages. Interestingly enough, Mercy’s win rates were also constantly average for every pick rate between February’s 5% and July’s 16%. During this time, not every match was a mirror match. Mercy wasn’t more powerful than the average character.

So what fueled her rise? Your second point. Mercy was significantly better than Ana, and the disparity pushed Ana down. This was never going to change unless changes were made.

Right now, all of Mercy’s competitors are significantly better than her and it’s pushing her down. This is never going to change unless changes are made.

You claim that this is going to be fixed over time, but color me unconvinced. It’s been weeks. Mercy’s not complicated and she’s not new. We’re not seeing an upward trend. We’re not even seeing it in higher ranks, where people would presumably be better at figuring out where a character is good or not.

Mercy’s pick rates are already at Brigitte’s level. Brigitte is a specialist. She only works in certain situations. She sees much more success than Mercy. If Mercy has an undiscovered niche, it’s more specific than Brigitte’s. Ana is map and comp dependent and sees much higher success with much higher pick rates. If Mercy has an undiscovered best comp/best map strategy, then it’s far more specific than Ana’s. Mercy is not a specialist, and she’s not as comp/map dependent as Ana. I’ll wait to see, but I’m preemptively calling bs here.

I see, so I take it that you have no reason for your previous post and are just following my posts around to spread hatred against me, instead of being a part of the discussion. Got it! Thanks for offering your input! :blush:

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.

60 health per second was fine, other supports just needed the buffs. If they just nerfed Mercy, they wouldn’t be better.

Have you been paying attention to her stats? She needs no more nerfs. In fact, it’s more likely that she’ll get a small buff. Doubtful, but still more likely.