What if hack was a throwing knife?


With it as a projectile it would be harder to achieve making it as consistent as the player. Plus you would have the chance to counter it with matrix.

Maybe have a charge up that affects how long it lasts? with a damage threshold that would cancel the ability if your too greedy?

and as compensation make her faster in invis with some more dmg.

EMP has a charge up and controls the area you throw it in, and if you land it on a player it follows them.

Just my idea since I see alot of people complain about hack, interested to hear opinions.
I think sombra with knives was also one of their early concepts.


I think I saw a topic like this earlier today (making hack a projectile / needing aim) and there were a lot of problems.

One major one being that she now had the benefit of hacking from extremely long distances, and with her being able to uncloak anywhere and now having the ability to throw her hack onto big beefy targets without the need of getting close or showing her location via her hack lines along with no longer being able to be inturrupted, it’s just a big win for Sombra players while potentially causing even more of a problem for those complaining about hack. (But possibly making her even more useless in lower ranks and potentially a larger “problem” in high ranks)

Plus I can see people saying “hack is the size of a tree trunk and I still get hacked when it should have clearly missed” like they do with basically any projectile in the game already


Hack as a projectile or even Hit scan wouldn’t solve any thing. It would make some problems go away, but introduce new ones. You could no longer interupt a hack, once she threw/shot it the hack would be live. Thus she might die or get stunned but the hack would still go on.

The only hero stopping auto lock hack on would really help is Phara imo… maybe a fast genji.

Edit: oh and it would be a buff in some ways since Hack takes time to go off, leaving Sombra extremely exposed with a nice bright visual effect point out her location while in progress. Firing a projectile and ducking back into cover or firing would be a huge buff. Unless you give it a “spool up time” similar to Mei’s icicle just making it a projectile wouldn’t really be a nerf.


Sombra as far as I am aware, performs worse at the bottom than the top.

As a result, anything that ups the skill requirement to get the job done is a questionable idea from a balance perspective as it effectively nerfs her where she is having the most troubles.

Hack isn’t the only debuff in Overwatch and it has more counter play than some such as Discord. People aren’t complaining about Discord that much which suggests the problem people have isn’t the lack of counter play or at least not primarily.




It solves nothing but throwing knives is way cooler


Slow projectiles don’t get much complaint because even the large projectile hitboxes don’t help you if you can’t lead well. You’ll see complaints about Hanzo or Mei ‘hitting you’ far more often than Helix or Sleep Dart (or Pharah)

I don’t see it solving much but it would look way cooler. Would fit well with the Rogue theme too >.>


Ah I see, well it was just an attempt. I was trying to make hack be pulled off way less by making it harder, so I guess theres no way this could be better?

Edit: Kinda like a charge time keeping the being damaged to cancel, and adding weight for it doesnt travel super far? no?

But yeah sheeeeet it would look cooler wouldnt it.


It would be even easier to hack tanks, who are usually the target you want anyway.


I mean wouldnt it be sorta the same?

-the time it takes for hack to go off (in game)
-the time it takes for the knife to charge up

-damage interrupts both

-tho the knife can be bubbled or matrix

The only difference is the added projectile making it healthier for other roles right?


Tbh I always love seeing throwing knives and fans in games.


As long as we get a bankshot achievement


I can assure you that if hack was a projectile, it would making hacking the important targets like tanks about 100x easier at the cost of maybe making it harder to hack a lucio or genji from time to time. Certain people would complain less, and a few people would complain that it’s even more OP than before.


Except that

-It’s a projectile
-I stand really far away so nobody knows im charging it
-I hit the tank with a huge hitbox with ease
-Nobody on the enemy team contested me since there was no audio or giant purple lines being drawn leading back to me

It would now be even more frustrating since I could hack a rein and they wouldnt even know from where.

(Also sorry those weren’t 1:1 rebuttals, I was just copying your formatting with the little bullet points)


Tracer would dodge it and genji would deflect it


Oh yeah I get hacking from super far would be problem.

So do you think like adding weight to the knife so it drops down after a short distance would help? maybe that would be too odd and clunky. I feel like people assume I think it should be fast and far with a large hitbox.

also the knife could glow purple in her hands so its easy to know when they are using it, and a bright trail from were it was thrown for you can find them easy.


I mean, I suspect you wouldn’t like my opinion which is that hack is perfectly fine as is.

But entertaining the idea of switching to a projectile, I think making it impacted by gravity/drop over time like junkrat grenades or something would make it extremely clunky and unreliable. The other solution of course would be to limit its range, but that would probably be very unintuitive for many people unless it’s sufficiently long.


Thats true, but I respect your opinion. :+1:


I can just see it now, there is gonna be that oNE PERSON who shoots hack at a deflecting Genji and I’m going to be across the god damn map and it will still hit me


oh yeah sure

just let me use my infinite invis sprint to chuck a hack knife at someone at point blank range

super fun

200 IQ design