What happens if server crashes during placement matches?

Title, was doing placements on another account and the servers crashed. Do I get punished for it?

counts as a loss if you were to leave a game on your own, :confused:

Didn’t, server crashed.

But the sr system treats crashing and leaving as the same thing, even if its the servers fault

Just logged back in, it didn’t count as a game.

Unless you get a “Server closed due to an unexpected error” message in the text chat after you are returned to the main menu, in most cases it counts as a match loss and penalty. Issues such as network crashes or DDoS attacks (which our community has had in the last week or so unfortunately, don’t crash the servers. Instead they cause a disconnection to all those who are affected).

Learn more about this policy here.

On a side note, the issues you guys have dealt with apparently has been resolved.