Server problems july 14 2018?

I was almost win dude, come on blizz

Just got back in, still have sr from before crash, hope its the same for anyone else who was mid comp game

yeah totally. i feel bad for the ones mid game.

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I got in, my SR is the same before I qued. At least that’s good. But still.

Blizzard. You are a company. You need to represent your brand as best you can. This isn’t how you do it. Protect your servers and maintain them.

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Same. looks like if you were not the first in your game to dc you will not lose sr?

interesting blizzard logic lol

no, you’ll still lose sr if the game lasted longer than a minute before forcing a dc.

just not as much as the first dc

If you don’t have a suspension you didn’t lose sr and no suspension here

this is the 3rd time in 2 days that I’ve lost SR for ‘leaving’ a competitive match which has been due to server problems completely out of my control (that’s 3 out of my 4 placements so far! BRONZE HERE I COME)

I’ve also been knocked down to level 3 endorsement for the 2nd time.

Blizzard has acknowledged the server issues.

maybe they should send an in-game msg to people instead of using this bs twitter.

Hey there, sorry for the disruption. The issue is resolved now, I hope you all have a great weekend. Cheers!


Thanks for getting things back up and running so quickly. Have a great weekend!

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Getting 300ms ping from SEA region. Is that server still dead?

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That issue was reported as resolved.

That being said, consider starting your own topic and post a WinMTR as suggested.

fix your server blizzard never care about player

Had DC’s last night randomly and now tonight a couple times

Same. I keep getting “failed to connect to server” when queuing for quick play.

Hey all,

Locking this thread as it was created for a specific issue that was fixed.

If anyone is experiencing any connection troubles, please try the steps below. If the connection troubles still occur, please create a new forum post.

Overwatch Latency Problems

Overwatch Disconnection Problems