What does Overwatch have against mayhem and no limits?

I mostly play arcade now due to not wanting to lose my friends by playing comp with them. What’s with 1v1 elim showing up 3-4 times in one week? Who plays 1v1??Why doesn’t Mayhem or no limits show up more? Why doesn’t Jeff like mayhem? Mayhem is the best. Vote for mayhem!


It’s pretty obvious that some game modes are more popular than others. I’m sure blizzard that that info so they put the most popular game modes in circulation more. Sorry not sorry ?

Dude I don’t think you get it. It says “changes daily” and I’ve seen it stay 1v1 for two days consecutively on more than one occasion. It’s obviously false advertising!


RNG is RNG. About two months back, we had a 6 day stretch of nothing but Total Mayhem.


Do you even understand how the system works and what time in your time zone it changes ? It’s fairly obvious it changes daily #JustSayin

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i’m not sure what jeff thinks about Mayhem and or No Limits

but imo i think no limits is a more fun game mode then total Mayhem


Not only is that untrue, but it was a lie made up by Jeff Kaplan’s secret society of anti-mayhem debauchery. Also we aren’t talking about the weekly in this thread. I was going to make a separate thread about needing more mayhem in the weekly cycle.


Do you honestly believe Jeff Kaplan singularly dictates game rotation?


Mayhem is the second most popular game mode, while 1v1 limited duel and low gravity are the least popular. I see these two modes rotate out nonstop while mayhem is available only on very rare occasion.

And yes sure, this is only a poll of forum-goers, but even with very conservative extrapolation of that data into the real world, I do not believe for a second that the modes’ frequency is based entirely on popularity. I think the weekly FFA mode is the only case where this holds true.


It has nothing to do with what Jeff likes or not. They are the least liked modes so they get rotated in the least.

Please see my post directly above yours. Unless there was a shocking turn of popularity over the last year, this would be the literal opposite of what is observed.


does jeff has anything at all? Tomorrow will be full month with no posts

A forum survey that only pulls from the forum means nothing. When they did their survey, let alone watching stats since Arcade starts, it was Mystery heroes was the most popular and total mayhem towards the bottom. TM has a strong dedicated fan base but is significantly smaller than others.

Unless you are talking about the survey jeff posted last march.* in which case, dont know what to tell you, i dont know why it went from least popular to 2nd most.

Even a forum survey will have a certain degree of accuracy and be representative with over 8000 votes.

I linked directly to it in my post…

And Im working, wasn’t responding to you so I didn’t see it until I literally edited it dude.

You literally replied to me.

I meant the initial response, not you going “look right above you”

Either way you guys are both wrong. Mystery heroes isn’t a daily arcade. Stop hijacking my post! Jeff, stop with the 1v1 elim and give the people what they want! More mayhem and no limits!


Mayhem fans: We want more Total Mayhem in the Arcade!
Blizzard *only puts 1v1 and 3v3 and never Mayhem in the Arcade, never Total Mayhem
Blizzard: yeah but everyone only plays 1v1/3v3 and never plays Mayhem!


Who plays anything other than mystery heroes?