Poll: What's your favorite Arcade Mode?

(Jeff Kaplan) #1
  • No Limits
  • Total Mayhem
  • Low Gravity
  • Ayutthaya CTF
  • CTF
  • Mystery Duel
  • Limited Duel
  • Team Deathmatch
  • 3v3 Lockout Elimination
  • 6v6 Lockout Elimination
  • Mystery Heroes
  • FFA DM
  • Chateau DM

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Theres arcade modes that no one plays but never gets changed
Why is Bliz OBSESSED with mystery heroes?
Why is Bliz OBSESSED with mystery heroes?
Please reduce "Misery" Heroes in arcade rotation
Anyone Else Tired of Mystery Heroes?
Why does random heroes always stay?
Where is Total Mayhem? #MakeTotalMayhemPermanent
Arcade (Just some Questions)
Who Actually Likes Mystery Heroes?
Unpopular Opinion: I love Mystery Heroes
Unpopular Opinion: I love Mystery Heroes
Replace mystery heroes
Arcade right now is unplayable
Once again Arcade is dead
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Fix arcade or delete it
More mystery deathmatch no god why
Why is Mystery FFA a thing?
Theres arcade modes that no one plays but never gets changed
I thought you said you redecorated more maps
No Limits should be standard in Arcade mode
Why is Mystery Heroes a permanent fixture on arcade?
:joystick: [Wiki] What Arcade modes are available today?
:joystick: [Wiki] What Arcade modes are available today?
Stop Making Mystery Heroes Permanent
Stop Making Mystery Heroes Permanent
Mystery heroes arcade
Can Blizz disclose the most beloved Arcade modes?
Get rid of mystery heroes please
Make 8 Player FFA Chaeau Deathmatch Permanent
Tired of Mystery Heroes
Replace mystery heroes
Why is EVERY mode in current Arcade 'MYSTERY'?!
(Jeff Kaplan) #2


Total Mayhem be the shining place for a lot of arcade goers…



DM, I mostly just play DM now! ^^


I want a no limits low gravity total mayhem please and thanks


There we go, poll has Mystery Heroes now!

Though, with the changes made this LNY, CTF is now a close second for me.


Mystery Duel should show up more often Jeff… it’s super fun!


There we go! The DM.

Dw, papa jeff, we’ll act like we didnt see that mistake of yours. :wink:


Yes! Mystery Heroes all the way!

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.


Mystery heroes and TDM!


Total Mayhem is so much fun. I love the insane match times and the rewarding feeling of a win after 20 minutes.


Alright! When you remove Low Gravity. Replace it with Mystery FFA please!


FFA DM for me. Mind you the daily rotating game modes are hard for me to judge. It seems like the wait times for those gametypes (Low Gravity, Total Mayhem, etc.) can be pretty long on Xbox.


Mystery 1v1 is the best by far.


My favorite is the adapted Yeti Hunter mode that’s used for new characters, where you can pick if you want to play them or not, then enter a game and have one of the people who wants to play the new character slotted as that character. The longer you play, the better your chance of playing the character. Unlike No Limits, you can actually learn a character in an actual game environment, and unlike Quick Play, everyone eventually gets a chance and is encouraged to keep playing for a better chance.



I love chateau forever


Is there a “None of the above” option?


Let’s get an “Ability Draft” mode.

  • Reinhardt with Jetpack
  • Genji with Hack
  • Reaper with Tracer Blinks
  • Roadhog with Bastion Turret
  • Etc


Total Mayhem.

Needs a few small tweaks (perhaps a kind of overtime-breaker when it lasts too long), but otherwise it’s just ridiculously fun. :heart:


Deathmatch all the way. I think I have almost as much time in that mode as I do in quickplay. It is amazingly fun and great for warming up.