What do you think causes stomp games?

I’m sure we’ve all been there, where the other team just seems incompetent or the enemy team just rolls yours like yours was nothing. The game has people around the same skill level and I’m ruling out smurfs. What do you think causes these completely one-sided games between 2 similarly ranked teams?


Synergy of your teammates.


Mismatch of heroes. If atleast two of your teammates happened to be countered by the other team, and/or your team doesn’t combo well, you’re gonna get rolled.

If you have a Sombra and a Widowmaker on your team, you better hope your tanks are the damage types and atleast be able to stall.


Sloppy match making. But also the unknowable mood the person is in. Somebody could be 3000SR, but perform at a 1500SR level because they are bored.

That said, otherwise it’s just communication and morale.


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Staggers, pressure and stress. Put those 3 things combined and those on the losing side tend to give up, play worse or get angry at one another. How do you counter this? Switch out your hero to what you think will help win the game, continue to make call outs even when your team is being toxic towards one another (literally ignore them), play your very best, some games its just not going to be possible to win so accept it. we are all playing a video game at the end of the day so just have fun doing your best and if you are on the negative side, take a break.


most games are close, unless there’s smurfs.


Communication is key. look at how my team get completely destroyed on attack and on first point defence on temple of anubis. Yet we fullhold on point B for 6 min straight after I start communicating. Its simply about team synergy. Sometimes when one does communicate it is not of use either. But it is worth the attempt. Team red, Replay: 1E9R1X

Other times one person picks a char (such as hammond) and leaves the other tank struggling to defend himself and helping his own team. Leading to an overall lack of space. Which in return means dps will be unable to do anything. It will be like fighting a 5vs6 while hammond is giving ult charge. Same can be said for a DPS not hitting any shoots or going alone feeding/stupid decisions. Whoever dies first each fight is in my opinion the problem most of times if its not due to teammwork (or both i guess).

Worth to note: People have good days and bad days. The matchmaker cant know this is its the players first 1-2 games of the day. They might preform like a plat now and then a master in 2 games it all depends. Such is unpredictable. We’re all human so to preform to standard 24/7 would be asking far too much.


Carelessness. I see people peek angles as if they’re invincible. Then they die & it’s 5v6



The fact that you can queue with people within 1000sr

Bad ranked that makes difficult to rank up or derank to your deserved lowest or highest rank so that the matchmaker makes the wrong AVERAGE SR of the match


I have about 20 accounts and have tried it a few hundred times myself…

On an account that hasn’t been played for a while, the teams are pretty random and the matches are of good quality.

If you win 4 games in a row and dominate everyone, the matchmaker will do its best to make you lose your next match.
The opponents don’t have to improve at all but your teammates become uncarryable.
This upsets me so much that I can hardly stand the game anymore.
these stomp games in combination with streaks, are just a sign that the matchmaker is not working correctly.

I don’t know if anyone else can remember the PTR version of the role queue.
At that time the competitive mode was unlocked and I never had such good games in my entire OW career. The reason for this was probably that the matchmaking was not manipulated on the PTR.


Mostly? Snowballing. Especially in 2CP. This really has less to do with the skill gap, and really has more to do with the massive advantage people have by winning the first team fight. It’s a problem that Blizzard has recognized but has not developed a solution without dismantling the game mode.

Attackers who win the first team fight have a massive advantage on Point B. They got a good (sometimes lucky) play that leaves them with high ult charge and most of their team in tact. The team on Defense have almost no ult charge, and in some cases have to counter-pick and sacrifice any ult charge they’ve gained. Attackers have the advantage here to snowball and use 3 or 4 ultimates in the next team fight before the Defenders even have 1 or 2.

If Defenders have win the first teamfight, they have the ult advantage. This means they can counter-ult the attacking team once the attackers catch up. This snowballs a bit less than the first scenario, as the attacking team can hold their ults and wait for a 6x6, negating ult advantage and rendering the teamfight to basically a coin flip.


Which makes sense, if you’re preforming well you must be challenged. To then see if you truly deserve to rank up further or not. That makes sense in a competitive invirorement. If your teammates are bad you wanting to rank up must find a solution to this.

It’s the garbage compactor. The thing they call a matchmaker.


I think it’s all about people giving up. OW is designed in such a way that the team who’s down can come back at any time and win, which is only made less likely if people resign themselves to defeat after one or a few bad fights. It’s unlikely that the other team is just better than you. It’s more likely that the losing team needs to change something up or try something different.

I miss when a 5v6 didn’t guarantee a win on one side, like a year and a half ago no one talked like this. It was important to group up, but also it was not considered absurd to push an engagement after you lost someone. These days it’s basically asking to lose. That’s just weird, balance wise, IMO.

Bad matchmaking, lack of smurf deterrents and incompetency dealing with throwers.

People giving up easily is more of a common thing in plat in my opinion or ranks lower than plat. Yes often when something does not work it can be because one or a few teammates are not preforming up to standard to what they usually do. which again the matchmaker cant know beforehand if uve had a 30min break or its ur first game of the day. sometimes u play good other times u dont. most people are not consistent enough to play good 24/7.

People not playing the same playstyle or working together is the main cause of losses. Its more important to have overall good teamwork rather than preforming individually well. Even though on EU people often rank up by individual skill rather than teamwork. Region depends too

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It doesn’t guarantee it but just like any other game it makes it more difficult. Being down a player in any game is a big disadvantage, not just OW.

It’s not any different from a year and a half ago. You can still win 5v6’s, but the fact is that it’s more difficult than a 6v6.

A variety of factors, really. Effort, map, the quality of the matchmaking, and other things. Eventually every small detail will add up to something that majorly affects a match, and often many factors combine to be greater than the sum of their parts.

If a person isn’t feeling it and the matchmaker matchmade the match poorly and out of their favor, they may throw. A poorly matchmade game with a less than optimal map could easily lead to snowballing. There’s never only one cause.