What do you guys think of this s16 ranked changes?

I would say its a no no from me or make it so the other half in ranked can do that too… Noway this will work or be godlike idea.


I mean I dunno, GM is a completely different experience from lower ranks (or so I hear). If there are only like… 1% of players up there, I imagine it’s a concession they have to make if they don’t want to wait for 8000 hrs. I also imagine it’s one reason a bunch of them smurf.


But how on earth people can use lfg system in that sr & wants to stack LMAO its useless if this rule comes live next season.

It already is. Nobody uses it in GM.


True that tbh…

Idk what made these people think that these 2 were good ideas either.

Eh. It fixes 2 major problems: Contenders 3 stacks and 6stack abusers. Most people I talk to don’t stack because they are desperate for SR, they stack because Blizzard has proven utterly incapable of providing decent matchmaking and games that aren’t literally decided on the loading screen.

This change sadly does not fix that problem.

I personally love the idea and wish it applied to everyone in a blanket. A stack having influence over half the team or more is too much… And then they blame the solos or duos for the loss and false report them. I hate playing with and against them. So… For the first time in forever, I wish I was GM.


Here’s hoping they just make two varaions of comp: soloq and 6stack only teamqueue.

this was being asked for a while since a lot of top 500 players just late queue with a 3 stack to maintain their rank.

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But I wish this could be a thing for every rank regardless tbh.

Cause im actually tired of when I do solo q & going against 6 stacks & have 5-4 stacks on my team instead or what I more often have is bunch of solo que’s.

It’s strange that they didn’t apply this to Diamond and above at the very least rather than just GM, although I think it should be applied to the entire ladder.

Ikr. I just hope that they are just testing it 1st on gm, etc and then put it on rest of the ladder.

But its gonna be rip while trying to stack with more than 2 friends then.

based on the responses mr mercer has received already…it sounds like this was a requested change…

could blizz have…*gasp…listened?


It was already sort of a peer pressure enforced rule up in GM in the first place. If someone played on their main in even a 3 stack they got never ending crud thrown at them. The system just can’t work around 3 or 3+ possible OWL or Contender level players in stacks vs randoms.
I doubt anyone in GM is all that upset about it.

There was already a rule about how many OWL player can stack together too and that’s a huge chunk of the late night west coast 4k+ player base, being everyone is in LA.

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If they did it in diamond and above I would start taking comp seriously just to avoid those terrible games with stacks.

I really want to use this feature but the only problem is that I can’t get to GM because of all the stacks ruining my games

It makes sense I suppose. When they put a stack versus a bunch of solo players they typically give the solos a decent SR advantage. One side has more organization but it’s semi balanced out by the other team having statistically better players. When you get to the upper SR range it’s tough to give one team an SR advantage as there just aren’t higher SR players available.

I don’t even play in team / ranked anymore but…

They keep pushing OWL and esport, cutting on the rest of the game, but then disallow people to play in team in their competitive mode. Does that means there is no official ranked competitive team mode ? (Scrim is for practice)

Overwatch, the team-based game with no competitive team mode.


They are in the 1%. They particularly all know that each other already.

Coordination always trumps the somewhat negligible SR advantage. Do not get me wrong, if all the randoms want to work together, easy win. They rarely ever do though until stacks are boosted high enough where even clown Fiesta teams stomp them. Rofl.