What do you guys think of this s16 ranked changes?

If it was an actual team… a group of RL friends that play together every day… sure. Random people you know through OW that you play with once every couple weeks… not so much.

Let’s be real here. This is the top 1% of the playerbase. How many people would that actually be per server per platform? Not a lot. Finding games probably takes an awful lot of time without grouping up, even at peak hours.

Definitely, you can sort of tell when it is one or the other, especially if you play as Tracer. Ha ha ha…

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Yeah I like this change, but what I wonder is what are the reasons behind it. Just stopping pro stacks?

Unnecessary. Absolutely unnecessary.

You see 3+ stacks in GM very rarely anyway.

Ok I will be real here.

This aka the top 1% are players whos playing in owl.

The rest of the prosent are in random sr players btw.

They need to either do this for all sr in ranked & fix it so solo que players wont end up against 6 stack or not do this at all.

doesn’t affect me but i believe this is good for GM and above

This has nothing to do with lfg or whatever (literally nobody uses that) this has to do with people abusing the sr system by 3-6 stacking at 3 in the morning to t500. Also, there’s usually only 1 6-stack at a time in GM, who eventually just get matched against 6 solo queues, which makes for a horrible experience for the solos.

From what I heard, people will stop abusing the system playing in the middle of night on a 6 stack…

They want to solve the GM’s grouping issue but what about the other ranks grouping issue?

This would be a terrible idea. I started Stacking because Solo Q-ing was a nightmare. I hated playing with 5 randoms, only having 3 of us in VC, and 4 of them insta-locking DPS. It was a nightmare.

And people think its a good idea to force me to have to play with at least 4 of these people? Ridiculous.

Stacking is the only thing that makes Comp bareable. Because, then we at least have some control over our matches by knowing, in advance: who will play what, who will communiate, etc. Solo Q-ing is a Circus (especially, in Comp) and i cant support a system that limits Comp to a 2 Stacks or Solo-Q only.

LFG does work for us, at lower ranks, so let use your it properly. If this 2 Stack limit becomes a thing, across all of the ladder, then im done with OW Comp. That will effectively kill the only thing that made it bareable.

Exactly. If this ever became a thing across all of Comp, it would actually makes things worse, in my opinion. Forcing me to play with at least 4 randos, will NOT improve my Comp experience. I started Stacking in the first place because Solo-Q-ing a nightmare.

I was sick of the insta locking, lack of commuication, etc. The majority forum posters, themselves, even told me that if i wanted a better Comp experience to Stack and use LFG. Now, others want the OW team to force a 2 Stack limit on all of Comp, without actually fixing the major issues of Comp? Its ridiculous.

This is like Forced 2-2-2 all over again. A “solution” that doesnt fix the real problem. Like putting a Band-Aid on a Gunshot wound. Ugh.

Necessary. Absolutely necessary.

You see 3+ stacks in GM every night on the east coast.

I can guarantee you that a good portion of the top 500 ladder 3 stacked or more to get their place on the leaderboards. Do they deserve that spot? No. 3-stacking or more is broken, and the advantage is absolutely insane.

Top 500 leaderboard will hold a little bit more weight (right now, it’s not impressive to be top 500, top 10 isn’t that impressive due to stacking).

For a player like me, I’ve been solo queue for most of my time and I managed to squeeze myself to 4373 SR, not knowing if this is good enough for T500 for this season. Could I have easily gotten a secured spot in 4400+ by stacking? Yeah, because it’s a lot easier to gain SR and secure a spot in T500 by stacking.

There are plenty of people in the T500 leaderboards that don’t deserve to be there.

I feel like this should apply to diamond and up since boosting Is such a huge issue already.



This is pure gold.

Since back in 2016/2017 when we were imploring blizard to freaking make two different queues (one for 1/2 player teams and another for full teams) and blizzard told us no because “lol it’s a team game dude 4Head JUST A GET A TEAM LOL” now they turn around and , shocker, tell us that restricted team sizes in matchmaking makes for fairer matches… just



Overwatch is the team game where playing in an actual team is frowned upon…

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Doesn’t affect me, but I don’t understand the logic. What is it that a group of 3+ can do that soloqueuers and duos can’t achieve?

Is it teamwork? If so, I’d rather incentivize GM players to emulate the teamwork they believe stacks are capable of, instead of just lowering the overall skill ceiling of the game for GM+.


This is a godly change and I am so happy Blizzard did this.

-Will affect 1% of the players
-Asking for stack queue, receive this
-Was used in Paladins because the game was lacking playerbase back in beta days

Devs get a real job or Overwatch get real devs ASAP

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Feels useless for the majority of the players, only possibly benefits a minority of players. Better question is when will they actually do something to improve the competitive experience for the majority? Gold and platinum are just a mess of either toxicity or smurfs (de-ranked players who are throwing or stomping in a rank they don’t belong in).

If this was the thing they mentioned nobody had asked for then they pretty much hit it on the head and I’m not surprised it’s a disappointment.


Team game btw where if you’re too good, you can’t be allowed to stack anymore with friends because matchmaking sucks and game is dead.

Meanwhile game is balanced around top 500 6 stacking scrimming 8 hours a day. If your hero gets nerfed because of them, tough luck, gotta endure as soloquer where coordination doesn’t exist and everyone is gonna have fun with doublesnipers and nanoblades. =)