What do I report DPS Moiras as?


I’ve said it many times already, sabotage as describe by Blizzard is an intentional action taken with purpose of disrupting the team, not failing to play to your expectations. You are trying to pass off your own bias as Blizzard’s ideals.


It doesn’t matter what you say.

No, that’s not how Blizzard describes it.

Here, I’ll repeat their description of Gameplay Sabotage again for your benefit:

“Gameplay Sabotage is:
Actively harassing or disrupting your own team through the use of game mechanics or player actions. This includes placing a Symmetra teleporter exit at a cliff edge, or intentionally allowing yourself to be eliminated by the enemy team (i.e. feeding).”

Thus, a Moira who chooses to only DPS and not heal is, through their actions, actively disrupting their own team, and according to Blizzard that is Gameplay Sabotage.

It’s got nothing to do with my expectations or bias. Blizzard’s rules are quite clear. A Moira who doesn’t heal is an act of gameplay sabotage.


Actively disrupting means they are doing something that keeps you from playing. You not getting healed is not the same as getting walled off or teleported to death.

You are twisting Blizzard’s word on this the same way you twist their cheating definition.


Just as a note, stop yelling at Moira for not getting heals and don’t report all Moira players for not healing. Chances are that they are out of juice and have the healing orb on CD and as such have to DPS.

A lot of times I’ve been chewed out for DPSing instead if healing, when that’s not the case.


Again, you misquote Blizzard.

I’ll repeat it for you yet again since you have some difficulty comprehending:

“Gameplay Sabotage is:
Actively harassing or disrupting your own team through the use of game mechanics or player actions. This includes placing a Symmetra teleporter exit at a cliff edge, or intentionally allowing yourself to be eliminated by the enemy team (i.e. feeding).”

I even highlighted the relevant section for you.

“Actively harassing or disrupting your own team through the use of game mechanics or player actions.”

Some more emphasis for you.

By the player’s action of choosing to play DPS only Moira they actively disrupted the team by not providing the healing that they are meant to as a support class.

I am not twisting Blizzard’s word at all. The above definition and explanation is quite clear.

I remember now why I put you on Mute…


Lack of action is not an active disruption. You not being healed doesn’t disrupt your play, otherwise DPS who misses their shots or anyone who miss a team fight are also guilty of sabotage.

Blizzard has also further stated:

For a player to be reported for Gameplay Sabotage, they must intentionally be trying to disrupt and harass their teammates or actively trying to lose.

A support who isn’t healing you isn’t trying to disrupt your play. At most they are ignoring you. Ignoring you isn’t a reportable offense.


It’s neither cheating nor game sabotage, just a bad idea.


Why do you even care? Move on and play better next match. You’ll get to the rank you deserve.


this unfortunately does seem to be what is occurring here - “If I personally dont like how you play(ed), it is gameplay sabotage”


active disruption means taking an action to disrupt the team. Like a Mei on your own team walling you into spawn so you cant enter the game

a Moira focused on dps, though not my preferred style of play, is trying to kill the enemy…not actively disrupting her teammates, not gameplay sabotage unless said Moira intends to lose the game


right - so many players needing healing dont realize (or have any way to realize) when Moira is out of juice


350 hours moira here.

I have simple rules, and while I don’t think I’ll ever heal like what is expected, because thats my playstyle and f you all =) I will give you what my intuition tells me is right, and I’ll even give a quick reason why. I hope this clarifies why Moira does what She does.

Situational- First and foremost, Moira is a chameleon. If there is a DVA/road combo and I’m single healing, I know its going to be VERY healing intensive. If its 5 damage, I tell them to come to me for heals. Here’s the tricky one we get yelled at alot for. I call for their mercy to die, there is no flanking, doesnt look like we are going to get point, so I go jungle and infiltrate their heals 2v1. I win about half the time, or more, or i wouldnt do it. Is it smart? Well it’s about winning the game by any means.

My strat for moira is pretty simple. The most bang for the buck clearly is a damage orb for getting mana back, (between orbs) primary attack works best but shield tanks are messing that up alot, and ranged, which overwatch is more geared towards at the moment. Why damage orb? Its not better if you get the full use out of each orb, I’d say its 75% then, but I might get a full use out of a healing orb 40%, and I’m VERY stingy with my healing orbs. If i threw out orbs like how others want, that number would be 20%. Damage Orbs I get about 80% effectiveness.

So now that we have that said, mana- Every Moira’s bane. I have found that above 75% i can heal through anything fast, say given a burst of 5-10 second damage. After that, I’m spent. Moira’s heal has a bit of a HoT on it, so I will really use it sparingly out of big combat. GOING IN TO A BIG COMBAT I WILL USE A DAMAGE ORB, THEN SWITCH TO HEALING AFTER THE COOLDOWN.

Why, you ask? Because someone who is dead deals no damage, and my mana is not infinite.

When I am below 50% mana, damage orbs are still the best way of getting back mana and generally I’m out of combat and trying to use primary. Sometimes, hell alot of times, my primary isnt getting me mana back, and people are all behind shields. So i can maybe throw out a healing orb that will get 25-50% used, or get a 100% on damage and maybe kill someone and save my mana. But I DO throw out healing orbs when OOM, that only accounts for…2% of my playtime, i almost never run out of mana. The best moira play is do heavy damage, kill everyone, heal up. I will wiat for people to get to 50% health because then they have a come to god moment and seek out heals, so they bunch up and i can whack them fast.

Train your tanks and damage. Also, stay behind shield tank unless neccessary to flank. Flanking I might do once a game to try, or do it several times because we aren’t moving the ball on offense. I rarely flank when playing D.

This all being said, I’m sure I left something out but don’t want to go too long. I like the one post where someone said they were giving the edge in the match somewhere. As a Moira, you control the game more than anyone else. Also, mercies are pincushions, Ana is the best healer IMO, zen is OP and underplayed, best synergy in the 2-2-2 roles with main heals, bridgette…and lucio are situational.


i think it would be a good idea to look at the replay of the game and then spectate it from her point


well stated

I hope those who dont understand why Moira does damage read this and it helps them understand better and perhaps, just perhaps, report less. or not at all.

thank you


For the trillionth time, there is a clear difference between a Moira who is primarily focusing on DPS but is still making SOME effort to heal her team when she can easily do so, and another Moira who is specifically choosing not to bother healing her team AT ALL, FOR THE ENTIRE GAME.

I have already said that the first case is not sabotage, even if most people might not prefer to have a Moira playing like that on their team, it’s still not actually crossing the line, but if you are letting your teammates die unnecessarily over and over again because you aren’t even remotely trying to heal them and literally have a full bar of juice for the entire game, then that very clearly IS crossing the line, and when enough people report that behaviour game after game Blizzard is obviously going to recognise that.

The fact that you are still wilfully choosing to pretend that there isn’t a clear difference between the two examples just proves what a petulant moron/troll you are.

And certainly no matter how many times you try to suggest otherwise, Blizzard is never going to punish someone for making what you claim is a false report when it was clearly made in good faith, especially if that was only one of several reports for sabotage that player has received.


there is a difference, certainly, but not a difference that applies to whether such a player is reportable or not

Many people do not understand the rules or choose to follow them despite understanding

as such, there are many false reports submitted

the fact that x people break the rules on a regular basis does not in any way justify breaking the rules…rules every player agreed to follow when they installed the game

I ask that the personal attacks cease


  1. a false report is a false report. it doesn’t matter whether I have claimed it to be or not…my opinion is not in play here, only Blizzards rules

  2. Many people have already been actioned for false reports, some even famously so


i can guarantee you that when you are in lower ranks, you can easily get out by playing characters with auto-aim or approximate aim (the percentage of those in lower ranks is way higher than average)

with 2-2-2, modifications are supposed to happen to make everything fit it’s role properly rather than having 3 dps as you said or 3 tanks with mei fun

you stand no chance against a proper widow with no barrier, you stand no chance against random spam without a healer. 2-2-2 was to avoid situations were games were lost by default because people are so close minded and refuse to switch

also op was talking about a moira who is solo front lining basically, no occasion or attempt to heal and uses her mobility (which imo is way too much for a healer) purely to hold rmb and combines it with damage orbs to get kills rather than using her mobility to recharge her health tanks, i saw that alot in my first placement matches, i know that a higher rank moira can do both well (look at stats on some website you will see that she is top 1 or 2 healer in higher ranks and always lower in lower ranks) it’s in those sr where it’s everyone for himself that you find that kind of moira


what rank are you playing in? a ‘proper widow’ is pretty rare in mid 2k’s…and i’m talking about those widows who head shot u the minute you come in los. if you’re at higher ranks then i can see where you’re coming from, but at mid 2k’s it’s not even most of the time when you need to counter some pro widow. And people do adjust with shields to counter those pro widows. obviously you have no idea who or what is on the other team so your team is going to adjust anyways, which happened more frequently pre role que. now people are very limited in their adjustment choices. better beg/hope one of your 2 tank roles are going shield now…because before at least YOU could have switched to it.

prior to role que there were single healers, who could maybe get away with it due to 3 dps that included a control like a mei or someone who can slow the damage the team takes.

anyways i dont think your examples justify the need for role que or 222. again, maybe at the highest levels where people are pro’s but i swear most of the player base is bad and have so much more room for improvement themselves than blaming not having support heals/shields every game for sucking.


dude even in bronze i am pretty sure the spam damage output of hanzo, junkrat, pharah and even widow with her spammable sniper rifle is just too much. if there isn’t any tanks, many dps can solo wipe the entire enemy team from behind a barrier (even when there is 1 or 2 healers, they can’t out do the damage)

also believe me, aim is really quick to learn, even low rank widows can aim and headshot you easily and even if they miss they still have 9 more rounds to go, they won’t miss 10 bullets and you have to give her line of sight because generally there is something to capture

the only problem with 2-2-2 really is balance, the previous balances weren’t planned for 2-2-2 after all, and it doesn’t seem like they are planning on balancing anything any time soon

the goal was to make things playable really, and i think they messed up


Am i the only one who feels like moira healing orbs are kinda useless unless you are super far away and need to heal someone? Tbh the healing orb on moira imo is trash her manual heal seems like it heals faster and is accurate. The healing orb just bounces around and most of the time people walk away from it so they dont get healed all the way anyway. Damage orb contributes damage and she still can heal team manually.

P.s tanks are notorious for hating on supports and their healing. Keep in mind you have like a million health it takes ALOT of resources to heal you all the way