What do I report DPS Moiras as?


Healing is one of four described functions, with none of them being emphasized more than the other.


Reaper supports the team by shooting enemies in the face until they die. This supports the team by reducing incoming damage as dead enemies don’t deal damage. He also does healing, albeit for just himself.

Tldr, the justification, on this thread, for supports not even trying to do their job is frankly ridiculous.

If you want to carry via picks to make up for crap teammates, then pick dps, or off tank, like everybody else.


It’s the very first listed function, thus inferred to be the primary function.

Also note that not one of the listed functions of the Support role is anything like “doing damage to enemies” or “killing enemies”.


Why are you so insistent on this arbitrary distinction of yours that a player has to be intentionally trying to lose the game for it to be considered gameplay sabotage, where does it actually say anything like that?

You have already given the example multiple times of a Mei who is trolling her team by walling them in spawn, and that you consider that sabotage, but what if she does it multiple times throughout a match WHILE ALSO eventually trying to win? Maybe she stops doing it later on in the match and starts playing seriously, but does that erase the fact that she sabotaged her team for the first however-long of the match? Hell no, she still deserves to be reported for the part of the match that she was sabotaging for.

What exactly makes you think that it isn’t possible for a player to sabotage their team and still try to win? it may seem like an oxymoron, but maybe some people really are just so twisted that they enjoy putting their team at a disadvantage so that if they actually do manage to win they can feel that much more awesome for “carrying” the team after deliberately forcing a handicap on them… it still isn’t remotely fair to put the unfortunate players who got stuck on a team with them through that, regardless of the actual match result.

So no matter how much you try to deny it, a Moira who only focuses on DPS and makes little-to-no effort to heal her team even when she had plenty of opportunities to do so but instead chose not to is obviously sabotaging, no matter how much she tries to claim that she was “trying to win”.

Now if a Moira is focusing mostly on DPS, but still healing her team when it’s convenient to do so, then that’s a different story, but I think you know full-well that that isn’t the type of player that this thread is about, or do you really think that if a Blizzard employee reviews match footage and sees a Moira run right past a low health teammate with a full bar of heal spray and completely ignores them even as they are sending “I need healing!” pings, that they would find that completely acceptable behaviour?


i distrust the ranks at this moment. Pretty sure we need at least half a year for all those roles to get used to and be accurate enough.

Such a heavy cut like splitting the SR in three seperate divisions wont go without making the system innacurate until enough games are played by everyone.


For a player to be reported for Gameplay Sabotage, they must intentionally be trying to disrupt and harass their teammates or actively trying to lose.


There is no emphasis or priority, meaning each function is of equal importance. A dead enemy is a disabled enemy.

If Blizzard didn’t want supports to do damage, they would not have given supports the capability to do damage.


You are making an assumption.

That’s disingenuous of you to say, since you know very well that Overwatch is a shooter game.


So are you.


How is playing a role who’s primary purpose is keeping their teammates alive with healing abilities and then actively refusing to heal anyone but themselves, thus putting the rest of the team at a clear and completely unnecessary disadvantage not disruptive behaviour? How is letting a teammate right in front of you die when you could potentially have saved them if you’d just stopped DPSing for 2 seconds to give them a quick spray but instead choosing to ignore them not an act of sabotage?

This really is just basic common sense… even if Blizzard doesn’t explicitly spell out EVERY possible act of sabotage that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t consider something an act of sabotage on a case-by-case basis, it ultimately comes down to a judgement call by the person reviewing the report, which is precisely why reporting behaviour that you genuinely believe to be sabotage is the appropriate thing to do.

At worst that particular report gets ignored, but if they carry on with the same behaviour and keep getting reported by different people over multiple games then their account will be flagged for review eventually, but at the very least I don’t believe for one second that Blizzard would ever try to chastise the people who made the reports if they were clearly made in good faith.


not true at all. baptiste can main heal alone.

you people here advocating reporting damage moirias exaggerate like crazy how ineffective she is or really have no idea how well she plays offensively with barriers everywhere.

honestly there is nothing wrong with 1 decent baptiste as your healer, 3 dps w/ damage moiria(ideally throw a heal ball occasionally), 2 tanks. hell, groups dont really need 2 tanks either, 1 was always fine.

a lot of you have become comp nasiz that have gone way overboard with this forced role que BS. prior to this 222, there were many group makeups that werent this generic 222 that worked fine, even better in situations than 222 comps. now you all pretend you cant function without 2 tanks and 2 healers. its always been the good players that won games most of the time, not comps.


In old system if we had a crap dps Moira someone else could pick up support to make up the slack. Now it’s expected that people do their jobs.

And it’s not as if the Moira in my game announced she’d do pathetic healing as she went dps.
When the other support was a Lucio her stupidity left us up crap creek healing wise.

At least in the game with Zen and Lucio as support, I knew right away that a swap to Hog was advised.


Just dropping in a gentle reminder that you do not need to convince these snowflakes of anything. If they’re actually playing this way, they’re accumulating these reports. Continue reporting, it’ll eventually solve itself.

All that matters is that you honestly believe the person is sabotaging the game and you’re reporting based on that. If it’s true, other people will report as well. If it was a bad game, then they aren’t going to be experiencing it every game and they’ll never be acted upon.


You are moving your goal post. You asked where Blizzard said actions must be intentional, so I showed you where Blizzard said things must be intentional. Now you are trying to argue that poor performance is the evidence for proving intent. Playing poorly is not reportable.

Blizzard has given clear examples of being intentionally disruptive. Actions like Mei walling off teammates or setting up teleporters off cliffs are purposeful actions taken, not the lack of action in a situation.


you have no idea or seem to give no credit as to how much those gold kills/damage made it easier for u to break their lines.

if a moiria ends up with gold damage and u win, shes doing a lot more than you saw, and probably was your mvp. you arent seeing their mercy busy being chased by the moiria and probably assumed u just killed their front lines because your teamwork was so good while the players u killed got no heals. or why the enemy jr, anna, etc all of a sudden disappeared from view.

players are often unaware of how much some players are doing when they dont see them until the highlights/medals.


So you wouldn’t report a Moira running past low health team mates emoting they need healing?


Good point.

It is semi subjective. If being crap was reportable I’d have been banned long ago.

If a player is clearly new, like level 25 squeaker just running in 1v6 over and over I’m pretty sure they’re just out if their depth, avoid and move on.

When I see a guy with 500+ levels clearly not do their job, I tend to forgive them this season as loads of one tricks trying off roles.

But when I’m getting murdered right in front of the Moira and she sends a damage orb out and doesn’t even spray me, I’m reporting her.


no. i dont report people even if theyre hacking or whatever. i’m just sort of used to seeing that crap occasionally in every online game i’ve played and it’s sort of par for the course on occasions to see that stuff, and is sort of normalized to me. i mean its rare enough where i dont even bother.

i might say something to them, or even not help them to pay them back later, but i wont report them. especially for playing a class within it’s capabilities, even if it’s not healing me. i just feel most classes can survive better than most players think with good movement, and the good players do not need the shields and heals as much as many others that make a huge deal about all of this support around them. I just really wish blizzard forced FFA deathmatch play on everyone so they could become better players all around, and need less hand holding.

i dont even play healer much so i’ve dealt with damage moiras and sure atm it may piss me off if i die but honestly nothing pisses me off more than the regularity of these awful DPS playing classes that shoot at a shield all game. good wall breaking dps are fine, but a mcree that stands behind a shield and shoots at the other shield all game is absolutely worthless. Soo many of these players. I feel they sabotage me FAR more than any damage moira.


It could not be more clear that you’re a garbage FPS player trying to make overwatch the same as every other game.

That mccree shooting the shield(his shield break is great if he uses FTH) is pressuring the other tank so they are more likely to pull back.

Heals enable you to do sustained damage. Shields open up new sightlines, which sustain damage or allow you to easily access superior cover. The fact you think these things are unneeded in a largely strategy game is ridiculous. Competitive mode could not be further from FFA when played properly, and that’s a good thing.


mcree shooting at a shild is absolutely is worthless, and you’re a noob to pretend otherwise. go with JR or Ashe even, but a mcree is like a widow shooting at shields.

i bet you’re THAT girl i’m talking about that just stands behind a shield all game needing your hand held standing stationary shooting at the other shield and hoping to mcree ult them from front view all the time lol.

dps on backlines causes chaos. you are doing nothing close to what the dps moira is playhing a mcree standing behind your shield all game shooting at their shield. funny u call me garbage because i can tell by what u just said you’re one of those awful low IQ dps i’m talking about.