What do DPS provide that Tanks don't?


It’s just how it is: DPS remember about rest of the team, if they are hurt(“I need healing!” from across the map) or encounter enemy, that gives them a bad time.

Seems like flaw in whole “team-based” concept.


I don’t know about that… I’m a sniper when I’m DPS, but I care about the team! If Orisa is getting harassed by Reaper or the supports are getting flanked by Genji I will absolutely try to help them. I think it hurts that the DPS tunnel-vision on the enemy team, though - it’s hard to really know what is going on in your own team. Being a sniper helps since you can see them (especially Ashe since I usually don’t sniper nest).


Ahh, the GOATS meta thing…

The funny thing about GOATS is that it’s not meta because it’s unbeatable.

It’s meta because it’s the safest way for professional teams to improve their odds of winning.

Pro athletes are actually extremely conservative and cautious. I mean, it’s their job to win.

So while GOATS is the OWL meta du jour, it’s not because it’s unbeatable. It’s because it’s the safe comp.


And, surprisingly, it’s most teamwork-focused comp.


Anything the pros do is 100% teamwork focused.


Not exactly. DPS having a killstreak of their own is less teamwork-focused, than current meta, where multiple teammates are working together to get those kills.


I think it also hurts that a lot of the more teamwork focused DPS are really bad, and the best ones are the lone wolfs (the snipers and the flankers).

We’d see more teamwork if, say, McCree or Symmetra or S76 was good. But Widow is probably the least teamwork-focused hero in the game and Genji and Tracer are right up there, particularly as played on ladder.


But it doesn’t need to be that way. I play Ashe more like a designated marksman - I work with the team, stay with them, and focus high-value targets like healers. I don’t get gold elims, but team fights sure do go easier :slight_smile:

Genji and Tracer can do this too, by sticking with the team, scouting ahead, jumping on targets of opportunity and keeping healers safe.

Just some ideas.


Yeah that’s exactly how I play Ashe too. Except I get gold elims. :smiley: Well, most of the time.

Ashe is so good against a lot of things the team hates. Reaper? Not a problem unless he ambushes you, personally. Brigitte? Dynamite half kills her and half nukes her shield. Probably the best Brigitte counter in the game. Not bad on Genji if Genji goes after someone else, and can partially counter Dragonblade (coach gun him off the team, and then throw dynamite in your team core and detonate). She’s great and I don’t know why more people don’t think she’s OP.


But it’s boring, and doesn’t give you play of the game, to be bodyguard for your healers. Even while it usually means, that healers give you higher priority, than the rest, so you get healed/buffed as soon as possible.


Sharpshooters have range. Hanzo has it all. Mei has CC.

The rest are F-tier (besides Sombra for the odd ult).

Its sad.


Oh look, more anti-tank propaganda from Mitrovarr. Shocking.

They don’t provide range btw. There is your answer. And don’t you dare suggest that Orisa is some sort of long range damage dealer.

Please stop spamming these posts.


smaller hitboxes with far more mobility than what “good mobility” tanks can provide, plus long range high damage


Range + no added responsibility of protecting the back line. Yes, tanks can do a lot of damage, but if they focus entirely on that then their team suffers because they aren’t using their utility to keep them safe.


There are close range dps heroes…
And actually, tanks are basically necessary for shield breaking.
DPS heroes can’t deal with an Orisa barrier, unless there is a Zarya/Roadhog/Orisa breaking the shield for them.
Maybe Symmetra and Bastion can deal with it, but only with a Rein barrier.


Uhh they have BOB! BOB is everything


They have better long range dmg than tanks, they have mor abilities that are basicialy dmg once, most of their ults are there for killing, when tanks ults are there to clean space or set up team kill for your team.
They are mostly more mobile, they have smaller hit boxes, what make them harder to hit than tanks.
They can easier sneek up to back line compared to tanks.


But, if both sides have very good aiming(pros do, for instance) their smaller hitboxes don’t make much of a difference, as well as their mobility.


Yeah, I get everytime outsniped instakill by Orisa.


DPS can be Genji Tanks not. Kappa