What do DPS provide that Tanks don't?


People really need to learn about the difference between roles and the words assigned to it.
Supports do not only heal, Tanks do not only soak/prevent damage, DPS do not only do damage, they provide utility and versatility to get kills that others dont have.

Tanks are Enablers and Openers (can also finish targets sometimes)
Healers are Enablers and sometimes Finishers
DPS are mostly Finishers and sometimes Enablers (can also be Openers sometimes)

They are the best finishers by far because their one shot combos/potential and their damage is not “capped” just like the tanks.

It doesnt matter how awesome you slap people with rein, you will only do 75. But if you are Genji and nail your triple +swift + melee you can finish off A LOT of targets that are a bit damaged on health, in a row, like in 3 sec.


Mobility is always important, its one of the most factors that determine how strong hero is.


Mobility means nothing, if hero can’t take a hit or deal killing shot. Yes, in theory, it supposed to let player pick their own fights. In practice, you have to pick fights in known location, on or near objective.


Witch mobile hero in overwatch cant hit or do killing shot?

Also, imagine genji with no double jump or dash, mobility is making him 2x stronger.


On tanks, hardly any DPS can deal killing shot, before being killed themselves. Assuming it’s coordinated team, of course.

Mobility makes Genji stronger, because he already has decent damage. Take that damage away, and you get useless hero, despite all their ability to jump all over the place.


Depends on what tanks you talk about, because as far as i know, tanks dont have a lot of long range dmg…


If you think of it, all dps heroes are capable to kill 200hp hero within 2 shots or within 2 seconds for those without burst damage


Consistent applied damage output at range. Tanks do a lot of damage up close, but the only tank with any sort of range at all is Orisa, and it’s not very good.


Like Genji, Tracer, Reaper, Sombra?


They don’t need it most of the time. To contest objective, DPS have to come within range of tanks.


Thats some high rank strategy there, my teammates dps dont even wona come close to this place. :stuck_out_tongue:


Then they shouldn’t be surprised, if team didn’t win :woman_shrugging:

They can kill 1,2, 50 enemies - but if no one takes that point or pushes payload, it all was for nothing.


No, like Cree, Widow, Hanzo. They’re damage heroes too still, right?


Just like tanks.
Roadhog can one shot them for one…


Welp, there is one who push payload or stay on point, me usualy.


some dps provide unnecessarily exaggerated burst damage.
and some provide some unique utility (like sombra… ok really just sombra).
and mei is more of a tank anyways.

the rest of them are pretty lackluster tbh…


Tanks are totally OP, that is why nobody outside OWL wants to play them. Sounds logical.


theyre (kinda) OP if you all are in an actually coordinated team.
but theyre (subjectively) boring, to most people. especially if you arent
in a coordinated team, its just frustrating to play them.

theres your answer to that mystery.


They are not even OP in OWL, double AOE-healing is kinda OP.
That has nothing to do with ladderplay tho.
As a tank-main i am fully aware that playing them is a pain in the ashe.


thats why i said they are kinda OP.
like, in some way. i think we dont need to go into detail there.

tbh i like playing tanks, or some of them.
but when your team consists of ashe, mccree, widow, hanzo and a very brave brig, its just… a chore.
although sometimes, when your enemies have genji and widow, its a lot of fun to pick winston and tickle them a little till they swap to reaper.