What do DPS provide that Tanks don't?


Seriously. What is the unique feature DPS have that nobody else can offer?

Good burst damage: Rein, Dva, Roadhog, and charged Zarya.

Good sustained damage: Rein, Orisa, charged Zarya, and arguably Winston.

Good mobility: Winston, Hammond, and Dva.

Good offensive ultimates: Rein, Dva, Winston, Zarya. And they’re almost all better than DPS offensive ults.

Good range: Orisa.


They’re more fun to play.







Tanks can be pretty toxic these days because most of them are DPS flexing under “play tank or lose” pressure.


It’s just a joke, don’t take it seriously please.


They make for like 50% of all forum posts because “waaa things can kill me because I don’t have 400 health”


Take dvas out,it’s hard to even get 1 kill with it sometimes.


Don’t worry, I do my part to increase tank toxicity. Because when I’m forced to play tank, I hate tanking, the game, and my life at that moment. So toxicity is easy!


It’s still better than 80% of dps ultimates. Because at least it full heals you and usually doesn’t get you killed.


Lower winrates, more nagging from your team?

For instance I took first point Hanamura with a Doomfist 4k.

After the round my team wanted me to switch off dps…I refused and we won easily.

In summary, teammates have no idea how eachother are doing because there is no scoreboard. Our Rein was even bellyaching about having gold damage (2 pts more than me…for 20 secs of rnd 1).

So basically play DPS for a more toxic experience?


Why are you bullying dps?

What is the purpose of this thread.


None provide range (don’t you dare mention orisas tickle damage) or one shot potential really…


I higher change that they will get picked over Healers and Tanks


Rein. Or any of their ultimates, really.


90% are that. You can almost guess their DPS mains by which DPS teammate they start harping on after the first lost teamfight.


Better range or better mobility (or both) that allows them to actually use their DPS much more frequently.


DPS are in a horrible position right now with tanks being basically DPS but better.


Some dps are good, sombra is doing well, widow… the other 2 dps they played in owl


Zarya is my Hitscan DPS, Rein is my Genji.